Thursday, August 02, 2007

Going back under...

It was fun while it lasted. I was housesitting my Mom's place while she went on vacay, so I had the internets tubes to play with. But, now that's coming to an end. Back to my tubes-free existence.

It was nice to see you all and catch up on your lives a bit. Hope you all keep on plugging away and fighting the good fight.

Also, I got to sponsor three little loans - one for a weaver in Paraguay, one for a woman who collects recycleables in a small cart, and one for a guy with a small glass shop in Azerbijan. Hope they all make a step up the ladder and that my little bit in some way helps.

Oh...and I won an eBay auction too - it's not all noble causes and selflessness here. Better get that paid before I'm off the tubes.

Cheers till next time...