Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mystery band

Have you ever listened to some of the early stuff that famous bands have done and realized that they sound like the guys playing at the local pub?

There's talent and there's luck. I think bands need both. Maybe we all do.

Anyway, here's one of those crazy, crazy who would have guessed songs.

Mysterious Live Song

Anyone know what famous band this is? Bonus points if you can tell us the name they were playing under when this was recorded. The winner gets...ummm...nothing. But isn't it fun anyway?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh yeah...I've still got...ouch, ouch, ouch

Ja, ich habe Weltcupfieber! Immer noch. Ich liebe Fußball.

Heute war Deutschland und Schweden, und dann Argentinien und Mexiko. Sehr gut Fußball. Deutschland und Argentinien war die Gewinnen. Sie sind miene Fußballgemannschaften, so das war sehr, sehr gut...für mich. Gut gemacht!

Heute sprecht mich mit meine Freundin Stephanie. Das war sehr nett. Wir hat ein gemütlich Telephongesprächt. Sie ist gut, aber deren Großvater sind sehr krank. Das ist nich gute Nachricht.

Steffi hat eine kleines Mädchen, deren Tochter Lilly. Sie ist fast zwei Jahre alt und ist eine ganze Hand voll von Energie. Yahoo! Sie ist eine kleine Königstochter, eine Prinzessin.

Ich will in November eine Flugreisen nach Deutschland fahren. Ich bin überglücklich.

Okay...back to English.

I was all swept up with World Cup fever and played some soccer in the back yard with the nephews. And, yeah, I had the moves. My oldest nephew looked like a first grader compared to my dominating skills. Okay, the fact he is a first grader might - just might - have something to do with that.

Anyway, it was fun...until the next day. Holy crap did I tweak my foot. It's still sore, but at least I've gotten over the major limp.

Today was an awesome day of soccer.

First, Germany dominated and put on a great show. Then Argentina and Mexico battled it out and went into a half hour of overtime. The game winner was one of the most pretty shots I've seen - off the chest and down with an incredible volley into the far corner. Unstoppable.

Argentina is my team and Germany is the team I picked to win, so it was a good day.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Liar, Leaker, Pussy, Wank...

If you support a liar, what does that make you?

If you back someone who leaks classified information for personal political gain, what does that make you? If you push for those leaks yourself, what does that make you?

If you rack up the highest debt - one that will need to be paid some time - in the history of humanity and still can't manage to improve the quality of life for Americans, make the country one ounce more secure, offer people affordable health care, ensure that Social Security will remain viable, or actually invest in developing alternative fuels, are you in any way a responsible steward?

If you were questionably elected and got where you are by attacking the patriotism of an actual hero from a war you cowered to avoid, what does that make you?

If you're too much of a pussy to fight for your country yourself, but will lie to send real heroes to die so you can be a 'war president', what does that make you?

If you have the most advanced military in the world and can't win a war in a country that no longer even has basic utilities like reliable electricity, water and sewer systems, what kind of leader are you? And if you can't even control what rogues in your military do to civilians, are you even a leader?

We have a president that dishonors the trust placed in him, is willing to hold his broken adminstration above the laws of our country, draws the worst offenders of decency close to his bosom.

Please, please, please, someone explain why anyone - anyone at all - would defend this president or the heinous jackals around him.

Does this make me a venomous liberal who hates president Bush? Maybe it does, think that if you want - but tell me what's good about this president and the hideous scum surrounding him? Hell, I'll even settle for something decent about Bush.

Monday, June 12, 2006


***We interrupt this mild mannered little bloggage to bring you some world class, World Cup bitching***

So, tiny little Trinidad and Tobago can hold off the mighty Swedes while playing down a man and the U.S. can't get off their asses to make a decent showing against the Czechs?

C'mon boys, a loss would have been okay if you had at least shown up for the game.

I don't like very many of you U.S. guys right now - with the exception of Claudio Reyna in the middle, okay Eddie Pope and Eddie Johnson too - but I really hate you Beasley (No. 17 at left). You barely played. Top world talent my ass. More like a middle school girl.

And you Donovan...try moving the ball forward - that's where the goal you want to get it in is. What? The goal? Yeah, that's the big thing with a net that the Czechs had no problem finding. And don't keep whining about people believing in this team... I believe all right - believe you sucked today...

***And now back to your regularly scheduled programming***

Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup starts

It's been a long wait for all three soccer fans in the U.S. and the millions around the world, but the World Cup is finally here. And, as a bonus, the games are all at normal times here. No staying up all night to try and catch a peek at the matches.

Germany looked good in the opener. They're sporting a new offensive minded look this year. Exciting instead of solid and boring.

And in game two, Poland got schooled. Yippee for the little guys.

I'll be pretty much lost to the world for much of the next few weeks as visions of soccer balls and the song below fill my head.

Ole! - Bouncing Souls