Monday, June 12, 2006


***We interrupt this mild mannered little bloggage to bring you some world class, World Cup bitching***

So, tiny little Trinidad and Tobago can hold off the mighty Swedes while playing down a man and the U.S. can't get off their asses to make a decent showing against the Czechs?

C'mon boys, a loss would have been okay if you had at least shown up for the game.

I don't like very many of you U.S. guys right now - with the exception of Claudio Reyna in the middle, okay Eddie Pope and Eddie Johnson too - but I really hate you Beasley (No. 17 at left). You barely played. Top world talent my ass. More like a middle school girl.

And you Donovan...try moving the ball forward - that's where the goal you want to get it in is. What? The goal? Yeah, that's the big thing with a net that the Czechs had no problem finding. And don't keep whining about people believing in this team... I believe all right - believe you sucked today...

***And now back to your regularly scheduled programming***


Slade said...

AMEN!!! The rest of the world is laughing and saying "I told ya so"

thephoenixnyc said...

It was devastating. It set back American soccer years. The team didn't show. Not only did we lose, we playes the WOREST match of the tourney.

Miranda said...

*Laugh* If I paid attention, my loyalties MIGHT have been split.
My Grandpa was a Czech, so I can't say I'm terribly upset.