Thursday, March 01, 2007

New York's all right...if you like saxophones

New York was incredible! Great fun was had. We did many things and packed quite a lot into not very many days.

I didn't get a hold of fellow blogger Phoenix while out there and hope he'll forgive the snafu. But Josh, Eileen and I did manage to hit restaurants, bars, museums and even a play. We had evil spirits chased away by dragons in Chinatown, checked out Manhattan Portage bags in Soho, and threw snowballs in Harlem.

There's much to tell, but I've been tired and not really into the idea of writing much. So, I'll leave you with the sounds of a wee group o' guys singing on the steps of a building in Soho.

Maybe some coffee will get me going later and I'll relate all the fun that was had.


thephoenixnyc said...

I'm quite hurt. Glad you had a good time in our little burg.

Shawn said...

I blame it on the city...there's just too damn much to do and see. Time quite gets away from you.

thephoenixnyc said...

Well, that may be the case, but its not like a polite Midwestern bioy to not at least write and decline an invitation so freely given.

Shawn said...

You're quite right. Sorry about that. Most be some of my inherent L.A. rudeness showing through. My mother and many of my friends would be appalled.