Saturday, January 21, 2006


I've got nothing.

It snowed yesterday. That was nice. After a cold, cold start, this winter got all tropic on us here and the snow has been gone with cold weather since just after Christmas. Then came a couple of cold days again and finally some snow yesterday.

It came down pretty good for a while and left maybe 3-4 inches. Not much - to be sure - but enough to make the world look frosty and clean and also to mess up the traffic flow for a while.

Well, today it's mostly gone from the streets and sidewalks since it warmed up again. It's still hanging around everywhere else though.

Hmmmm...what else? Um, there's been work. That's better than no work I suppose. Or at least better than unplanned no work. But working odd hours has left me feeling like I have no time. What it's really meant is that I don't have much 'normal' time and not so much time available for being social. It's also left me tired.

There you have it...not much going on here. Hope more excitement is pumping through your life.


Anonymous said...

Nothing. I got Nothing. But, the snow sure is perty!


tshsmom said...

Same here. Sounds like winter doldrums time. Sunlight(longer than 15 min) could cure this.

K said...

Glad you're still alive ;o)

Laura said...

Yep... winter makes it harder to say anything of perceived value. At least it's really winter now - with snow and everything. And think about it this way - the days are only getting longer and brighter. but still... ugh

The Zombieslayer said...

A lot of uncertainties in mine. I'll post more when I know more. ;)

Glad to see you back. I love your comments on my blog.