Monday, January 23, 2006

Nice day...

The snow is white enough to make me squint. Blue shadows fall across it. The sky above is a matching pale blue. Some days it's just nice to look out the window and doing so makes you happy. Today is one of those.

Just a few guestions...

Why do people with NASCAR stickers on their cars drive like crap?

Why, when everyone on the entire freeway system is driving 35 MPH because it's dumping down snow and the roads are awful, is there always one person who thinks that they can surely pull off 65 MPH no problem? Is it wrong to be happy when you see them spun out in the ditch a few miles later?

Do people from Illinois drive bad on purpose?

And a couple of thoughts...
I've decided that I don't hate the whole Tom Cruise and Katie Hlomes thing after all. I'm jealous of course, but I don't hate it and am, in fact, sort of heartened by the whole thing.

Also, I don't find him jumping over Oprah's couch that odd. If I was sleeping with Katie Holmes, I would probably jump over Oprah's couch and Oprah too. I would clear them both by at least five feet. I could do that because I'm still a couple years younger than Tom.

That's it...peace out.


tshsmom said...

See, I told you sun would help!
No, it's not wrong to laugh when idiots spin into the ditch. I do it all the time. Unless they have kids in the car, then I get pissed off!

Joe said...

hehehe jumping on oprah . . hehehehe

The Zombieslayer said...

Is it wrong to be happy when you see them spun out in the ditch a few miles later?

No. It's !@#$%^& hilarious!

Do people from Illinois drive bad on purpose?

Swear to God, had a friend also from Chicago who said that his driver's ed teacher told him that "the best defense is a good offense" and taught him to drive like a jerk.

As for Katie Holmes, Katie Holmes is a babe, but know nothing of her personality.

Laura said...

"Do people from Illinois drive bad on purpose?"

This is the only one I can speak to... and the answer is partially yes. People from Chicago and the collar counties drive bad on purpose - because we're more important and in a bigger hurry than YOU! Also, take into account the most-used expressway in Chicago: I90/94. If YOU had to cut across 4 lanes of traffic in 200 ft to make your exit, you'd drive shitty too! ;)

Elsewhere in Illinois, they drive like normal people.

Bobo the Wandering Pallbearer said...

Speaking from NASCAR country, I can tell you in a nutshell why the car with NASCAR stickers on it is being driven badly:

NASCAR fans are stupid.

Slade said...

I love it when everything is white outdoors, so much that it is almost blinding...but isn't it beautiful!

I am still sick of all the dale earnheart shit that you see on everyone's car...when he died, someone made a shitload of money off of it.