Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reader's Digest

Not much of a Friday, all the fun happened on Thursday it seems. That was fine, since I didn't feel much like living the party life anyway.

Went out Saturday. Planned on staying home, but Jimmy called and dragged me out. Sarah was having her birthday party at Games. There was live music and fun was had.

The band was mostly a cover a band, but they were pretty good once they got going. The lead singer, Nicole, was PDC - pretty darn cute. She should have been singing for a punk band though. She had a great punk voice. The backup singer had the more pop/rock voice.

Raj made me a stellar burger at Brazen Head. Caught him just before closing, but he was a trooper.

Now, it's back to the grind of working. Bummer that.

Sarah's B-day.


Miranda said...

Hooray for Raj!

Shawn said...

Double hooray for Raj...I was starving. It cost me a Long Island Ice Tea though. That was a small price to pay to keep the cook happy.

Slade said...

Loved the double bird!

Miranda said...

Make it Hooray thrice. I understand the starving feeling!