Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where's Shawn Going?

Ah yes, the excitement that is my life just rolls along. I know, hard to believe that someone could have this much fun. It's true that my life is a non-stop stream of excitement.

Since I bought a new, cheap digital video camera a few weeks ago...

Without further ado, I bring you a new interactive video - 'Where's Shawn Going' - where you get to be part of the fun and tell me where I was going and give me the rest of the story.

The choice is yours. Go for the excitement and drama, or find yourself wishing you had.


And, as an update on the meet an impressive person project - I think I'm going to try and meet one of these people: George Clooney (not to talk about parks and forests though - sorry Melissa), Richard Gere (to ask him about his Tantra practice), and instead of the Dalai Lama (who would be very cool indeed) I'm going to try to meet another guy, the Venerable Lama Zopa.

A few weeks ago, I did meet Senator Russ Feingold. He was nice enough, but I was amazed by the fact that he's short. No, he's short. I was talking to a couple of ladies after he left and one was saying that she thought he could be elected President. I had to honestly disagree.

"He'll never be elected," I said.

"Oh, I don't know about that, people want change..."

"No, it has nothing to do with being a 'crazy liberal'," I said. "He's too short. He'll never be elected President."

"Well..." said the lady.

"Oh my're completely right," said the other, with a laugh. "Have there been any short presidents recently? I don't think so..."

"Sad but true. But he makes an awesome Senator."

How sad is it that as 'grownups' we still base much of our opinions about people on their appearance? I'm not unconvinced that Bush beat Kerry as much based on the fact that Kerry was goofier looking than Bush as on anything else. It was urely worth at least a few votes.

In a side note...Feingold does have a presence that's unmistakeable.

Funny how some people have a magnetic quality when you meet them. Well, he's certainly got that quality. I'm guessing that Bush has it too when you meet him. Clinton definitely had it. I wonder if it comes first or if it develops along with a career in the spotlight?


Laura said...

damn, for a second I thought you meant we get to tell you where to go and you film it. That would be a fun project though, huh? You'd find yourself in all sorts of strange places.

Shawn said...

I have enough people telling me where to go as it is...or at least they're thinking it!

That would be sort of fun though. There are so many possibilities...

tshsmom said...

Well, you're obviously not going to work in sandals and me.

I like Laura's idea better!

L got us a digital camcorder for Christmas last year. Aren't they fun?
That's my project for this winter: posting videos.

Miranda said...

Bush does have it, but I think a short guy could be president - if the person running against him was shorter or female.

dbackdad said...

Brilliant!! I goof around with digital video quite a bit. You've inspired me to maybe post some. Loved the faux film effect.

Sorry, I was being too much of film geek to actually make up a good story.

Though, your town looks a lot like the little Iowa towns I grew up in. So, my guess is that you're going to the Casey's General Store to get a six pack of Old Milwaukee and some smokes. And then cruise the main strip (all two blocks of it).

Shawn said...

Tmom - That will be a fun winter project for you and for us. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

M - I don't have to like him, do I? I would hate it if I had to like everyone with charisma. I still think a short guy is a longshot.

DbackD - Okay...that's just too freaky how closely you just pegged West Bend - right down to the two blocks of the old Main Street.

You should definitely post some video. It's fun to mess about with. I wish I had more time to play, I would do more.

Laura said...

No stories? OK, fine... I'm not real creative though, so here goes:

You are on your way to meet a mysterious woman who wants to hire you to kill her aldulterous husband and his bimbo. But it has to look like an accident so she can collect on the insurance. Little does she know that the husband has contracted you for the similar purpose... what to do, what to do?

I watch too many of those forensics shows I think...

Scott said...

Are you going into town to buy some socks?

I think politicians have the "it" because we know they are politicians. It's just our star addiction. We need to fight that.

I remember when Bush Sr was running Saturday Night Live did mock commercials suggesting people vote for Bush over Dukakis because he was taller. Wow, I just realized I was ten when that was on and I remember it. And my daughter will be 10 this month. Crazy stuff.

Shawn said...

Sadly, I wasn't on my way to top-secret spy convention in Milwaukee. Nor was I on my way to make contact with an international arms dealer or my jewelry fence...

Sorry Laura, nothing as fun and exciting as going on a hit for a sultry brunette with eyes that smolder like coals on a brazier and a body made for making men walk on the dark side.

Dbackdad pretty much nailed it on the head, except it was to get a Mt. Dew, a Kit Kat bar and a frozen pizza.

And yes...that store is only about two blocks away. Sad, very sad indeed.