Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nearly went on a rant...

I was going to comment on yet another Bush lie in the spotlight, but that just seemed a bit too tedious.

Which lie were you going to mention Shawn?

Me...oh...just the latest one - you know the 'we don't have any secret torture facilities in Europe or anywhere else' one.

Um yeah, that one.

Perhaps you don't remember that ruckous. It was several months ago and all.

Some evil, terrorist enabling journalists found out that the U.S., or more specifically, the Bush administration - don't count me in on this crap - was flying people on secret flights to secret torture facilities in places like Eastern Europe. There was a big to do and Bush and the bootlickers around him first denied, then hem-hawed, then sort of admitted there was maybe a bit of rendering goin' on...all the while castigating the press for daring to reveal yet another illegal action of this 'we're above all laws' administration.

Trust us...

Um, except for the fact that them thar journalists were again right and Bush was running a bunch of secret beatin' camps around Eastern Europe. Don't blame me for spillin' the fell from the fucktard's own lips. Yup we was doin' all that, but trust me...we was fightin' us some terrorists.

Hey, dumbass! Yeah you, you goofey-eared fuck... Why are you such a pussy?

It's like a den of rats that can do nothing right and certainly can't stand the light of day.

What? The laws of the country that you're sending boys to die defending aren't good enough for you to follow?



I was gonna go off about that, but I decided it's not even worth it. Those who idolize George, Jr. will still idolize him and those who didn't like him before will just get mad again. Why stir up all that?

So, instead...I'm just going to comment on the new supercomputer that IBM is building. It's going to be the fastest one in the world and we're gonna own it...USA! USA! USA! Not that we don't already have the fastest, we do. We've got a bunch of the fastest ones.

What's cool about this one - besides being crazy fast - is that it's going to be based on off the shelf technology. The frickin heart of this beast is going to be a bunch of Play Station 3 chips.

Shut up! PS3 chips? Frickin' parts from a game? Get outta here...

I will not get out of here. It's all true and very cool.


thephoenixnyc said...

I think I have finally resigned myself to the fact that this country will never be the same again, that thesxe criminals WILL get away with all of the crimes they have commited in 6 years and that I really don't like the average American anymore.

Scott said...


I want a super playstation.

Josh said...

That was pretty good—the Daily Show just showed a clip of:

1. President Bush talking about 9/11 and then mentioning Iraq
2. A reporter asking what Iraq had to do with 9/11
3. President Bush saying, "Nothing!" in a surprised tone

Bizarrer and bizarrer.

Shawn said...

PNYC - Some days I'm filled with hope. Other days I'm filled with despair. I'm beginning to feel bi-polar.

Scott - Me too. It's still amazing to me that most of the really awesome computer tech advances have come out of the game industry.

Josh - The Daily Show is some funny stuff...but frustratingly true too. If I have to live through this, shouldn't there be a caterpillar with a hookah or something?

Scott said...

Well video games and porn, bascially.

It's fascinating how capitalism (supply & demand) tends to drive innovation that way, isn't it?

Josh said...

Oooh, nice catch.

Shawn said...

Thanks...I've got mad hatting skills.