Friday, September 15, 2006

What are you voting on?

Hope it's not a Diebold voting machine. There have been numerous accusations that Diebold machines are too easy to tamper with and that the tampering can be undetectable. To make it worse, the machines are fully electronic meaning that there's no backup paper trail.

Well, the latest chapter is some Princeton folks proving how easy it is to tamper with the machines, load malicious code and steal an election.

Me...I'm calling the county here today. It will only take a few minutes and it's sort of my civic duty to stand up for fair elections. Anything less is unpatriotic...and remember, we're at war.


Miranda said...

I thought from the title you meant which issues. I'm not even sure what I'll be voting on. How about you?

tshsmom said...

Paper ballot, with stupid pencil-on-a-string.

Laura said...

we still have punch cards. Good thing too. I don't trust voting computers.