Sunday, June 03, 2007

This and that...all adding up to not much really

Business abounds. Last week was downright brutal. Not an amazingly huge amount of hours, but the fact that it was all switching back and forth between nights and days. Grrrr.

Well, what are you going to do? I have a job and that puts me ahead of a lot of people.

Weather has been pretty nice...until this weekend, of course. I've had a couple of days off and it's been somewhat sunny for short bursts in between the torrential downpours that have been what passes for excitement around these parts.

The crap weather has not been too helpful for the local Seafood Festival. It doesn't break my heart though.

This is one of the ridiculous festivals that communities toss up every year. It has nothing to do with seafood - how could it in an area known for it's blue-collar manufacturing, not it's fishing. We're not part of the Lake Michigan fishing scene and the river that runs through town is only good fishing if you like three-headed carp.

In fact, the only fish you'll find on the menu is some fried, battered cod freshly pulled from the freezer. There's plenty of hot dogs though.

Oh yeah, we've got crafts too. If you need a lovely, homemade candle, let me show you to the stall with the sorry looking woman displaying her fine selection of 10 candles. Not your thing? Then maybe a dreamcatcher made with flourescent yarn? I swear to Great White Buffalo Calf Woman, you could raid the art room at my nephew's elementary school and present a better selection of wares.

Okay, I feel better now.

On another note, Gregg and I are writing a movie. It's a great concept and could really make a good film. More on that later, but for now it's under wraps. Both of us just want to end up with a finished screenplay and see what happens from there. We're both sort of slackers, so teaming up will keep us working a bit more than we would alone.

And, on an even different note, I'm going to be moving across town in the next couple of weeks, so I might be in an internet free zone for a while. Maybe I'll get everything hooked up quickly though. We shall see, we shall indeed see.


Jurgen Nation said...

Good luck with your move and best wishes regarding the screenplay!

Shawn said...

Thanks Sugarplum!

By the way, a good way to tell if your're drunk is to try and type 'Thanks Sugarplum'. It's very telling...this took me far too long to type. I almost wish that you could see how bad it was...but I'm also glad that you can't.


Laura said...

"Then maybe a dreamcatcher made with flourescent yarn? I swear to Great White Buffalo Calf Woman, you could raid the art room at my nephew's elementary school and present a better selection of wares."

OK, that made me laugh so hard I almost spit water... It's so true with a lot of these street festivals though, isn't it???

Good luck with the screenplay and the move. I'd see anything you wrote, that's for sure - you have a way with words.

SME said...

Ooh, I'd love a neon-yarn dreamcatcher! And like 50 of those little knitted balls that you clip to your backpack. And some handmade mosaic-tile switchplate covers.

Try to write the screenplay sober, guys, and best of luck!

It's hilarious that you have a seafood festival in a non-fishing town. We used to have a Klondike festival even though the gold rush was nowhere near here (altho it might've been the last party stop, I guess).

The Zombieslayer said...

3 headed carp?

I'd rather not know how they taste.

Heh, I've been to some of those "art" festivals where the last thing you'll see is art. It's a miracle anyone buys anything. I guess that's what the booze is for. When they sober up, their spouse probably yells at them for bringing home useless crap.

Shawn said...

L - Sweet...that should bring our gross up to about $30. Maybe you can bring John too so that we can take in about $40!

SME - Someday I may write about the big Cherry Festival out in The Dalles, Oregon. Cherries were big business there, but there was nothing even cherry flavored at the festival. What the hell!

ZS - Okay...I admit I've never actually seen a three-headed carp, but I've never seen a zombie and you don't see me letting my guard down on that front. Apparently though, there are no rivers in Wisconsin that are considered safe for catching fish to eat.