Monday, May 01, 2006

Snoochie Booches...

Fan: I love these guys! You know what? they're like Bill and Ted meet... Cheech and Chong!
Holden McNeil: Yeah... I kinda like to think of them as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern meet Vladamir and Estragon.
Fan: Yes!
Fan: Who?

Listened to 'Waiting for Godot' last night. It was a lot more fun than trying to read it. I don't much like reading plays, so hearing it performed was nice.

Watched 'Shopgirl' too. I've been waiting for this movie ever since I first read the book when it came out. Unfortunately, limited release and bad timing made me miss it at the theatres. Thank goodness for DVDs.

Of course, I thought it wasn't as good at the book. I sort of expected that. Claire Danes, however, was both beautiful and perfect for the role. She gives a nice, quiet performance. The guys do a good job of supporting her role too.

It was a nice movie, but it didn't hit me the same way the book did.

Went out on Friday night. Got lit. Oops. Well, these things happen. How else can you end up meeting Crazy Dave the biker guy? Let me answer that one for you. There's really no other way.

On Saturday, I read 'Night' by Elie Wiesel. I blame that one on Slade who had a list of opening lines from books. 'Night' was one of the books on her list that I have never read. Wouldn't you know, I saw it staring at me from the shelf of the store the other day. So I bought it. And read it. It made me think...a lot.

Is there a more enjoyable way to enjoy a nice spring day than sitting down with a personal account of life in the Nazi extermination camps written by someone who was there? I'll answer that one for you too...yes there are plenty. It made me think though, and that made it a good thing.


K said...

I'm just really glad to see that Steven S. photo mosey it's way down the page... It was starting to creep me out.

BTW, I have an impression for you:


(that's my Silent Bob - bang on dontcha think?)

Comments like this are why I get to ride the short bus each day.

Slade said...

I LOVE Chasing Amy--definitely my fav Kevin Smith flick...

thephoenixnyc said...

Ahhh, Kevin Smith. One of my favorite native sons of New Jersey.

On a great line for great line basis, nothing beats DOGMA.

kris said...

I loved Waiting for Godot. Please tell me it was the Burgess Meredith version. Love me some Burgess.

Shawn said...

Bits - Okay, that was freaky...Holy Bluntman and Chronic, it was so realistic! For a second there, I actually thought that Silent Bob was in my house.

I couldn't figure out why he didn't respond when I yelled, "Yo, Lunchbox! Move your tubby ass! Nootch..."

Then I realized it was just you doing an impersonation. You shouldn't scare me like that.

Slade - Yeah, Chasing Amy is my favorite too. It might be because it was my first, or because Banky is just too funny for words.

PNYC - I love how Dogma is so ireverent. It put a lot of words to some of my anti-dogmatic thoughts for sure. I thought it was very funny.

Kris - Alas BM for you. It was an audiobook version from iTunes that had some peoples that I haint never heard tell of bafore. Does listening to this make me a fancy pants?

Laura said...

I read "Night" in 8th Grade English class. Totally depressing, but good.

I don't like reading plays either - I never saw the point. There's more to plays than printed words.

Chasing Amy is my favorite too. I'm cautiously awaiting Clerks 2. I'm curious, but not expecting much.

Slade said...

I actually showed this movie to my students this semester...some were squirming in their seats, but others thought it was very funny...whenever I watch it, I always forget that it makes so much more sense if you watch Clerks first because they actually make several references...I love that

K said...

My resemblance to Silent Bob is also remarkable. Whenever I wear a backwards cap and a trench, I am bombarded with autograph requests. Hmmm... must be the beard. ;o)

Word verfif: asfun... WTF?

Shawn said...

Also...the way you use the Force and your love of big monkeys.

Miranda said...

What's interesting though is that the story doesn't end with Night. Wiesel's written a number of other books, and even though the end of Night is depressing, there is brightness for the author later. He is quite an incredible man.

Shawn said...

I've read a couple of his other books. I really like his writing. Even in 'Night' there were moments where you are just amazed that humanity could be found in the hell he was in...and somehow, there it was.

What bothered me the most was a nagging thought that wouldn't go away - the realization that the same thing not only could it happen again, but there's really very little stopping it from happening again.

Is it man's nature to be good and evil is the falling away from that? Or, is man naturally bad and good is the abberation?

tshsmom said...

I recently bought Wiesel's trilogy for my son to read. I haven't read Night since jr high, so I'll be reading the trilogy too.

thephoenixnyc said...

I saw the trailer for Clerks2.

Mmm, worrisome.

Shawn said...

Tmom - Sounds like you've got you some readin' to do.

PNYC - I sort of expect it to be awful. That's kind of how I approach most of his movies. I'm okay with liking terrible movies, so I should be fine.

The Zombieslayer said...

Heh. I still think Clerks was their best, but do like the first three. Then they started tapering off.

Funny thing is, last movie I saw was Mean Girls. It was surprisingly funny. Plus, I thought that Math teacher was hot. I have a thing for nerdy women.

Miranda said...

I think man has both good and evil in his nature. I know I do in mine.
But why some opt to follow the good and some the bad I don't know.
Maybe if I could figure out why I do what I do, I'd know ;).