Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another sunless summer day

Oh Great Orb, the one that some call Sun, where have you gone? Please come back. Although it's only been a day, it seems like a week since I've last seen you.

I think it's safe to say that I really miss the dry, sunny weather of California. Even sunny days here are a humid drag. The air, thick and heavy, just makes you want to sit near the air conditioner. That's great for the World Cup viewing, but not so great for the tan.

So, briefly, the soccer has been great this time out. Too many cheesey yellow cards, but good soccer. The last round of games were pretty stellar. Not much of a surprise that Germany won through. That was my favorite late-round matches - Germany vs. Argentina. I've been wearing my Argentina tee shirt far too often lately, but they're my team. I love the way Germany's been playing though and I'm expecting them to win the whole thing, so I wasn't disappointed that they beat Argentina.

England got a well-deserved boot. They deserved to move on about as much as the U.S. deserved to get out of the group round - which is to say, not at all.

Anyway, my schedule has been cleared and I'm set for the last four matches. I need all the free time I can get right now, since I'm stuck in a fringe sport cornicopia - Wimbledon, World Cup and the Tour de France are all overlapping. If you tossed in America's Cup sailing, I would surely explode.

Then there's Summerfest. That's the big music festival in Milwaukee. Ten days of music by the lake. Lots of great bands too. I didn't go last year because someone dropped the ball on the scheduling, making it more Slumberfest than Summerfest.

The cool thing about the fest is that you just decide to go at the last minute. You need only show up, pay out some loot, and wander amongst the crowds to hear some fine tuneage.