Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rapper and Three Leg

Sad little rapper, sitting on a bench
Can’t go home cause he can’t pay rent.

Momma kicked him out cause he got no job
Now he’s sharing his dinner with a three-legged dog.

Doggie got mad cause the rapper got greedy
Said, 'if you got yourself a job you wouldn’t be so needy.'

Rapper said, 'shut up and let me see that bone
I'm so goddamn hungry I've been nawin' on my phone.'

Phone don't work and it's tasting kind of shitty,
Plastic's comin' off and it's goin' down real gritty.

Dog said, 'that aint right and I feel real bad,
But don't keep bugging me, 'cause I aint your dad.'


K said...

....and so ends the widely debated argument "why white guys from wisconsin should not rap".


btw, word verfic: "szhxn". It could totally be your ghetto name, doncha think?

Shawn said...

See...and this whole time I thought I was a black dude from the 213. No wonder the farmers keep looking up from they cow udders and shakin' dey heads at me...yo.

Peace outtie.

DJ Jazzy Szhxniz

Slade said...

man, I thought I had stumbled onto P-diddy's blog for a second there!

Miranda said...

I love it! *cracks up*