Monday, November 20, 2006

Check out at the checkout

There used to be a show on television called "Thirtysomething." It was pretty good and a bunch of the older folk I was friends with really liked it. They were all thirtysomethings and such, so it made sense to them.

I was a young twentysomething, so it didn't really hit as close to home for me, but I liked it anyway.

Anyway, one of the things that has stuck with me was Timothy Busfield's character lamenting that he had become invisible to teenage girls. Not that he wanted to hit on them or anything - he was pondering a proven scientific fact. At a certain point in the life of a man, they become invisible to teenage girls.

It's not that hard to understand actually, since everyone knows that teenage girls live in a separate world that only occasionally allows for the presence of creatures that aren't other teenage girls. Even teenage boys have a hard time cracking the shell of the teenage girl world.

And all this leads to today's happy moment.

I dragged into Starbucks to get a triple grande two pump vanilla mocha and a half pound of Christmas Blend beans late this afternoon and noticed a trio of cute girls. Wow, were they cute. That made me happy - cute girls always do. Puppies, sunny days and cute girls always make me happy.

Anyway, I'm not sure if it was the sgraggly beardishness, the fact that I held the door for one of them on the way in, or the sweet Addidas beanie I had on, but I got checked out. Not just a quick girl glance either - I got a full-on check out from them all on the way out. To be honest, it was really a full-on check out from one, a pretty solid check out from another and a well I guess should look too from the third.

The point is - I'm pretty sure that shit like this is what makes life so darn much fun.

That's it.

That's all I've got today. And it was enough to make me happy.


SME said...

I totally remember that guy complaining that teenagers didn't check him out anymore, even though I was about twelvesomething when the show was on. I thought thirtysomethings were whiny losers.

SME said...

Oh, I have a theory that the same three teenage girls go around, hitting all the Starbucks in North America and holding up the lines ordering strawberry creme frappes and giggling. So I'm glad you saw them too. Means I'm not delusional yet even tho I'm turning 29something.

thephoenixnyc said...

Of course at the exact moment a man becomes invisible to teenage girls they can become mega-visible to him.

Shawn said...

SME - Ummm...I order those strawberries and creme deals all summer long...sorry about that.

I just can't help it...they're so tastey. I don't - however - giggle much when I order them.

PNYC - True...definitely true! Unfortunately, I've been mega-aware of cute girls since the beginning of time.

I still have an uncanny ability to spot them even around corners in the midst of large crowds. It's a gift and curse man.

Laura said...

At some point we all become invisible to teenagers of either sex, unless we talk to ourselves on the subway or smell like cabbages.

It's always fun to get checked out. Hell, I'm married, and I love my hubby very much, but damn if it doesn't feel good once in a while to know you still "got it"...

Kudos to you....

SME said...

It's OK to have strawberry creme frappes as long as you don't
A. giggle
B. wear lo-rise jeans that show your thong.

Shawn said...

L - True, so true.

SME - Wait...I can't do either? That seems a bit harsh. How will everyone know I shopped at Victoria's Secret?

tshsmom said...

Yeah, we ALL like to look! It gets a bit weird when I think a guy is hot, only to find that he's SME's age or younger. Then I feel like a pervert.
OMG, I'm old enough to be that boy's MOM! ;)

SME said...

I guess you'll have to give up the frappes. Sorry.
Mom - you ARE a perv. But that's OK, 'cause it gives me an excuse.

dbackdad said...

I'm taking the 5th on this one on the grounds that it may incriminate me. lol

tshsmom said...

SME, I guess the nuts don't fall far from the tree, do they? ;)