Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fun with Photoshop

Okay, what's the greatest computer program ever? It's a tough question, but on a personal level I think Photoshop is pretty much tops.

It's not just fun to play with, but it's extremely powerful too.

I'm always amazed at what can be done with just a few clicks. It would be hard for me to even imagine not having Photoshop on my computer. There's always The Gimp for those who can't spring for the big dollar Photoshop. The Gimp is open source software, so it's free to download and use. The Gimp is nearly as potent as Photoshop is, but it's a slightly different interface and I've been using Photoshop for a lot of years. So, for me it's Photoshop.

Anyway, it's fun to play around with cool programs.


tshsmom said...

Nice pics!
I think Photoshop is Z's favorite toy. He's done some amazing things with it. I want to make time to mess around with it this winter....hopefully. ;)

How's your Dad?

Slade said...

those are really cool! I don't have photoshop, but it looks like a lot of fun!

Miranda said...

The cool thing about The Gimp is that it runs on more than one OS. It's one thing I can make work in Linux ;).

Shawn said...

Tmom - Dad's still in the hospital, but in a regular room. Seems to be okay, but not great.

Photoshop is a cool program for Z to learn. There's a lot of things you can learn about science and such in the process too.

Slade -'s a bunch o' fun.

Miranda - Linux? I never would have guessed you were a Linux nerd. That's awesome.

Laura said...

Oh I love Photoshop. It's just so much fun. Nice cloud effects - what did you use for those?

SME said...

Not sure about the best program ever, but the pics are awesome.

Josh said...

No, the best program ever was Lynx. Now there was a browser! Simple, durable, full of text. None of this scrolling or clicking for the Lynx user, no! Just punching the space bar to page down and using the arrow keys to open hyperlinks. JPGs and GIFs alike rendered with eloquent unsophistication as "[IMAGE]"! No, you couldn't look at dirty pictures, but the dirty stories had a rawness to them you just can't get from Firefox or Safari or Explorer, like a box of beat-up copies of Penthouse you found in a box your dad had stuck in the garage before you were born and forgotten about.

Well, Lynx or Excel. There's nothing more satisfying than building something—like, say, a working F-16 flight simulator, or a home studio for your garage band—out of a spreadsheet program and seeing it work.

tshsmom said...

Miranda, Z has some kind of compatibility program, that he downloaded, for Linux. This lets him play quite a few of his games on Linux, even though he has Windows installed on his computer too.

Thanks Shawn. Your parents are in my thoughts a lot these days.

Shawn said...

Laura - I used the magic wand to select different patches and adjusted them with curves and then used the watercolor filter on the whole thing. Fun and easy.

SME - Tanks.

Josh - Like that one time you saved all those kids in the bus that ran off the road by creating a giant ladder out of Excel and duct tape?!? That was pretty awesome!

Tmom - Thanks.