Friday, January 22, 2010

Are You Wearing Cashmere Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Sometimes you just never know when the meter on the day is going to peg out at stupendous. It didn't seem like that much of a day, but lo and behold...

Stopped at Goodwill for some bargain hunting today. I looked and looked and was beginning to think I was gonna get skunked. Then I found a really cool Ex-Officio shirt. It was a cool color and like new. Sadly, it was a bit too big. Tried on a couple of nice jackets, but they just didn't quite do it for me. As I was putting stuff back on the racks, I stumbled upon a great feel.

What? Surely this isn't just a coat? Guess what? It wasn't...

There, quietly waiting on the rack was a cashmere coat. It was a nice dark grey - not quite charcoal, but not quite slate. There wasn't a sign of wear anywhere on this beauty either.

I tried it on and as my arms slid smoothly into the sleeves and I pulled it on, my first thought was 'this is like butter.' It fit great.

And the best part? It was under 10 dollars! Life, my friends, is pretty damn nice sometimes.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean my place...a coat this nice needs a tidy, well-cleaned place to live!


dbackdad said...

Score! We're very much Goodwill people. My folks always took us to the Goodwill. They still will drive all the way down to us in Phoenix (3.5 hrs) to go to half-price Saturdays at Goodwill.

It's not even so much a money thing for us. We can afford to buy new stuff (and still do) but it just seems dumb environmentally to do so unnecessarily. The main things I usually look for: books, button-up short sleeve shirts for work, and logo beer glasses. I don't ask for much ... I'm a simple man.

The Zombieslayer said...

That is a nice place.

We have a real good Goodwill place about 15 minutes from the house. People keep buying Nordstrum clothes and giving them to Goodwill. I can't imagine buying a $150 shirt and giving it to Goodwill.

Needless to say, I buy them. So I got a rack of Nordstrum shirts all purchased for $4 each.

I agree with Dback about the environmental impact. Using something once and throwing it out fills up our landfills too fast. I buy this stuff so it doesn't get thrown out. Same with garage sales. Most of our silverware/porcelain/etc are second hand.

tshsmom said...

One of the happiest days of my daughter's life was when she found the Goodwill type stores in Edmonton.

Our local Salvation Army Thrift Store closed last year. What a loss to our community! :(

Shawn said...

I've always loved searching for big bargains and diamonds in piles of... ehem, cough...well, you know. It's kind of sad how much thrifting has changed though. It's a lot harder to find the great deals anymore. Partly it's because the quality of products made now has dropped off so much (read...things are made cheaply in China and are meant to be tossed out). And partly because there are more and more people scouring the thrift stores for anything with a recognizable tag to sell on eBay.