Monday, January 18, 2010

The Knits Keep On Coming

Maybe it's the winter, maybe it's the unemployment, but I can't seem to stop this whole knitting thing. It started innocently enough with a scarf. How can a scarf be bad?

On it's own, a scarf isn't much more than something to keep your neck warm. But it's not such an innocent thing. It's really a gateway to knitting depravity. First a scarf, then a hat and the next thing you know you're trolling yarn shops trying to figure out how much yarn you need to buy to make a sweater you don't even know how to make yet.

Okay, maybe it's not that bad. I mean, really, I only made a scarf.

Ummmm...well...about that...

Figured out how to do some fingerless gloves, which turned out pretty well. Nice enough to give them away to one of my favorite bartenders, Rachel. And she hasn't hid them in the bottom of her laundry basket to avoid wearing them.

Then there was a hat. I'm keeping that one. It's sort of a tight-fitting beanie. It seems like the sort of hat you would wear checking out the waves on the dawn patrol. Warm enough to keep the noggin warm, but not too bulky to wear to the bar. In fact, I wore it when I went to the bar to watch the Chargers/Jets game.

So, I guess a scarf isn't just a scarf.


Laura said...

Damn dude... I'm impressed. When did you first pick up needles? I was afraid of hats for the longest time because knitting in the round sounded WAY too complicated. But of course, it's not once you get the hang of it, right?

I find that I have a hard time deciding on a project I actually want to make. I have a lace shawl I've been working on off and on for 3 years and am only halfway done. I've contemplated ripping the whole thing and starting over though, because I don't like the pattern anymore.

Having Buddhist influences really helps with knitting... ripping something you've been working on for 3 years would be near impossible without knowing that "nothing is permanent"...


Josh said...

I second the impressed-ness. Now you just have to be wary of: (1) buying too much yarn*, and (2) not knowing whom to give all the things you make to. These are issues that rock our household regularly.

*Actually, the problem now, I am told, is that there IS NOT ENOUGH YARN. I can actually see a bunch of yarn, but it is apparently not THE RIGHT YARN.

Shawn said...

Laura - Knitting in the round actually seems to be pretty easy. There's a lot less to worry about.

And it does seem pretty Buddhist...but while nothing is permanent, it still sucks to have to pull something apart.

Josh - I can see the whole buying too much yarn thing happening. Um, yeah, I can definitely see that. The who to give this stuff to thing might be the loose link in this lasting longer than a month.

We'll see...

Since you know the signs, I'm counting on you to intervene before my habit gets out of control.

tshsmom said...

I told ya stockinette was easy!

The toughest thing for beginners to master is gauge. It looks like you've conquered that hurdle...the world is yours! ;p

Josh and Shawn, yarn doesn't spoil! (At least that's what I keep telling my husband.)

Shawn said...

Tmom - I seem to get some pretty regular stitches, which is nice. I'm hoping to be able to start to tackle a sweater soon. Wish me luck and patience!