Wednesday, October 15, 2008

100 songs from high school...

I'm stealing this from TSHSMOM...

The rules:

A) Go to
Music Outfitters.

B) In the search function, enter the year you graduated from high school. Get the list of the 100 most popular songs of that year.

C) Bold the songs you like, strike through the ones you hate, and underline or italicize your favorite. Do nothing to those you don’t remember or don’t care about. (I'm not too bright, so I made the ones I hated red. I also italicized more than one. That's not really because I loved them all so much, but I just sort of decided to choose ones that I remember liking more back then.)

1. Every Breath You Take, Police (This one could be like
or hate a lot...depends on the day.)
2. Billie Jean, Michael Jackson (Billie Jean is definitely not my

3. Flashdance... What A Feelin, Irene Cara (Liked the movie though...what boy didn't love the ripped shirt look
after this movie?)
4. Down Under, Men At Work (I
still like the Men from down under.)
5. Beat It, Michael
(I really don't dig Michael...but this was a good song and a
good video. And it was all about the video in 1983. That and the hot V-jays like
Martha Quinn...okay, really only Martha Quinn.)
6. Total Eclipse Of
The Heart, Bonnie Tyler
(I've been known to sing along...)
7. Maneater, Daryl Hall and John Oates (Ummm...yeah)
8.Baby Come To Me, Patti Austin and James Ingram
9. Maniac, Michael Sembello (Jennifer Beales...what else is there to say?)
10. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), Eurythmics (The Eurythmics were good
11. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, Culture Club (Another love hate songs...some days I really did want to hurt him.)
12. You And I, Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle
13. Come On Eileen, Dexy's Midnight Runners
14. Shame On The Moon, Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band (Really Bob...really?)
15. She Works Hard For The Money, Donna Summer (Anthem...blah...blah...tough chick song...blah...blah...)
16. Never Gonna Let You Go, Sergio Mendes
17. Hungry Like The Wolf, Duran Duran
18. Let's Dance, David Bowie
19. Twilight Zone,
Golden Earring
(C'mon...this was one cool video.)

20. I Know There's Something Going On, Frida
21. Jeopardy, Greg Kihn Band
22. Electric Avenue, Eddy Grant
23. She Blinded Me With Science, Thomas Dolby

24. Africa, Toto
25. Little Red Corvette, Prince (Shut up...this is a great song.'ve got to slow down...)
26. Back On The Chain Gang, Pretenders
27. Up Where We Belong, Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes (I likes me some sap...and Joe Cocker is the most messed up
singer ever...which sort of makes him cool.)
28. Mr. Roboto, Styx (Kill me now...really...just shoot me.)
29. You Are, Lionel Richie
30. Der Kommissar, After The Fire
31. Puttin' On The Ritz, Taco
32. Sexual Healing, Marvin Gaye (Smooth...Marvin Gaye is smooth...)
33. (Keep Feeling) Fascination, Human League

34. Time (Clock Of The Heart), Culture Club
35. The Safety Dance, Men Without Hats (Loved these guys.)
36. Mickey, Toni Basil
37. You Can't Hurry Love, Phil Collins
38. Separate Ways, Journey
39. One On One, Daryl Hall and John Oates

40. We've Got Tonight, Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton
41. 1999, Prince (Shut up again...really...Prince may be a freak...but he's got him some talent.)
42. Stray Cat Strut, Stray Cats
43. Allentown, Billy Joel
44. Stand Back, Stevie Nicks
45. Tell Her About It, Billy Joel

46. Always Somethmg There To Remind Me, Naked Eyes
47. Truly, Lionel Richie
48. Dirty Laundry, Don Henley
49. The Girl Is Mine, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney (Maybe one of the gayest songs ever...besides YMCA or any Queen song...and, at least, Queen songs rock the snot out of you...)
50. Too Shy, Kajagoogoo (My girlfriend, Becky Barzler, had a poster of them
up on her wall...maybe that's why I'm single. Okay it probably doesn't have
anything to do with it at all, but I still don't like

51. Goody Two Shoes, Adam Ant
52. Rock The Casbah, Clash (The Clash flat out
rocked...not my favorite song of their's, but I'm not going to diss them on
53. Our House, Madness
54. Overkill, Men At Work
55. Is There Something I Should Know, Duran Duran
56. Gloria, Laura Branigan
57. Affair Of The Heart, Rick Springfield
58. She's A Beauty, Tubes (Great concert)
59. Solitaire, Laura Branigan
60. Don't Let It End, Styx
61. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, Laura Branigan
62. China Girl, David Bowie (Shut your mouse.)
63. Come Dancing, Kinks (A great little sappy bit.)
64. Promises, Promises, Naked Eyes
65. The Other Guy, Little River Band
66. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All, Air Supply (Pure sap...power sap...high test,
super sappiness...I still sing along though.)
67. Family Man, Daryl Hall and John Oates
68. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Michael Jackson
69. I Won't Hold You Back, Toto
70. All Right, Christopher Cross
71. Straight From The Heart, Bryan Adams
72. Heart To Heart, Kenny Loggins
73. My Love, Lionel Richie (Lionel Ritchie gets nods because he hooked me up with Erica Lindquist... Believe me, he could be singing Mr. Frickin' Roboto and I would say I loved him if it hooked me up with Erica Lindquist. Thanks Lionel...)
74. I'm Still Standing, Elton John
75. Hot Girls In Love, Loverboy (Does this dude remind anyone else of John MacEnroe?)
76. It's A Mistake, Men At Work
77. I'll Tumble 4 Ya, Culture Club
78. All This Love, Debarge
79. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy, Sammy Hagar
80. Heartbreaker, Dionne Warwick
81. Faithfully, Journey
82. Steppin' Out, Joe Jackson (I always liked Joe Jackson...I always thought he was
83. Take Me To Heart, Quarterflash (They were a local Portland band...and I went to High School with lead singer
Valerie Day's younger sister.)
84. (She's) Sexy + 17, Stray Cats (Stray Cats and INXS were my first real there's some
nostalgia working.)
85. Try Again, Champaign
86. Dead Giveaway, Shalamar
87. Lawyers In Love, Jackson Browne (If Mr. Roboto makes me beg you to shoot me, then Lawyers in Love makes me want to pry the gun from your hand to shoot Jackson Browne. I curse him for polluting the airwaves with this song.)
88. What About Me, Moving Pictures
89. Human Nature, Michael Jackson
90. Photograph, Def Leppard (This was rocking for the 80's. I still sort of like Def
Leppard a bit.)
91. Pass The Dutchie, Musical Youth (What the fuck is a Dutchie and why am I passing it on the left hand side?)
92. True, Spandau Ballet
93. Far From Over, Frank Stallone
94. I've Got A Rock 'N' Roll Heart, Eric Clapton
95. It Might Be You, Stephen Bishop
96. Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack
97. You Got Lucky, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (Tom Petty is one of those artists that I never realized I liked so much until he came out with a greatest hits album and I liked everything on it.)
98. Don't Cry, Asia
99. Breaking Us In Two, Joe Jackson
100. Fall In Love With Me, Earth, Wind and Fire (My
friend Eric Ellis and I rode in a limo with some of the Earth, Wind and Fire
guys...they played us a tape of a new song they had coming out...I wonder if
this was it...weird.)

All this did for me was make me realize once and for all that I didn't really like very much of the pop of the '80s at all. There's really only a couple of songs that have held up and most of what I was listening to isn't in the Top 100. Now...if it was a list of punk like Black Flag, Fear, Gang of Four, Husker Du, or stuff like that...


tshsmom said...

I agree with all your loves and hates except Shame On the Moon. I LOVE Seger, and that song is my favorite!
None of us, that have done this meme, can believe the crap songs that made it to the top 100. I find it hard to believe that ANYBODY bought Toni Basil's Mickey!

Shawn said...

It makes one wonder about the rest of the population... If no one likes this stuff, how did it ever become popular? Just think, the people who made Mickey so popular are going to be voting for president.

tshsmom said...

Now that's a scary thought!

BTW, I used to really like Every Breath You Take, until SME renamed it The Stalker's Theme Song when she was a teen.

Shawn said...

Every Breath You Take is totally a stalker song! Sometimes I forget how creepy it is and like it again...but then about halfway through I remember that it's creepy and can't listen to it anymore.