Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just don't talk about moving

Been moving...just across town, but moving nontheless. I can't imagine a larger hassle than this has been. Or, rather, still is. Grrrrrr...

But before I get too worked up about the new place not being ready, having to get a storage unit to shove everything into, maybe becoming a couch surfer, and having to work all through the ordeal, let me say it wasn't too bad of a summer out here in the heartland.

I grew a good garden this year. Did it all organic and it turned out just fine and dandy.

The tomato plants were my favorite things that worked out. I did five different heirlooms. Some were better than others, but I can tell you that the Better Boys and the Mr. Stripeys were the best of the lot.

Didn't get any beans though. The little bunnies at them..plants and all. We came to a truce after that. They just hung out in the garden and I didn't chase them around with a shovel. It seemed to work out fine for all concerned.

The jalapenos went crazy. I had a bountiful crop of them. One plant in particular was quite the pepper-growing machine. It was still looking to pop a few more out when I picked a bunch yesterday.

I also had a ton of sage and chives. I picked a bunch of each and brought it into work. Since work is a restaurant, it worked out well.

There were a lot of other goodies that I grew, but they all start running together.

Anyway, the garden was nice. It was great to grow something, pick it and then eat it. It was completely satisfying and relaxing. I may never make fun of gardeners again.


dbackdad said...

The prodigal son has returned. Good to hear from you. Congrats on the garden.

tshsmom said...

I hope the new place has room for a garden. Next summer it may be a necessity!