Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Golden Tee is crack

Glitches are handled...I love to hear that kind of thing. My buddy Gregg is now in China and started getting some of it down in blog form. He's a blog virgin no more.

And, while he's over there enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of China, I'm here plugging away at the tea room. We've been pretty slow of late, so it's becoming a matter of deciding when to send people home and how much dusting to make the others do. Along those lines, my top secret message to Gregg is that yesterday was a bit over a 1 kind of day. Pitiful indeed, but today is looking better.

On a different note, I got a text message from the owner of my local pub yesterday saying that the new Golden Tee machines were in. Since I wasn't actually scheduled and it was super slow at work, I left a bit early and put in a couple of rounds.

It was glorious. I know, it's not often that a video game in a bar is declared glorious, but this one is.

Golden Tee is a golf game and it shares a lot of characteristics with...well, crack. Yeah, it's that addicting. Just when I thought I had my habit under control...the new version comes out. It appears to be even more addicting. This could be trouble. And, to make it worse, I'm in a league this winter. I could become a lost cause. Wish me luck on my battle.

Anyway, on my first round I bagged a lovely hole in one. And, to make it even better...the new machines let you send your great shots to YouTube. Mine is here

Hopefully, I can do that sort of thing in league.


Eileen said...

Oh man, I didn't know you were one of those annoying Golden Tee guys! They ruin all my favorite bars.

Shawn said...

My local was already ruined...I'm just riding the downward flow!

Since being kicked out of the journalism club, I've been searching for some sort of competitive thing to replace the coffee-drinking contests.

Chef Gregg said...

Awesome new game means even playing field for us!!!
About this China thing, it's hard work, we do like 5 things a day, all cool, but it's hard to catch your breath. I got like 3 hours of sleep last night. Mind you I'm not complaing just can't seem to catch up or find time to write more than this. Saw the Terra Cota today and wow fucking wow. Try and post tonight. Thanx for holding down the fort.