Monday, October 20, 2008

Put the brakes on

The drama of my day was dropping $500 on new brakes, rotors and such. That's what happens when you get new tires...they notice stuff like that and then you have to fix it. So, obviously, the key to happiness is to never get new tires.

On the work front, the bosses are away for two weeks. They're off to globetrot in China. Not a bad gig if you can get it. My buddy Gregg is going to blog about it at ChefGregg. I expect to see a lot of photos and a bit of writing. He's more of a doer than the writing will probably be pretty brief, but interesting. I expect to learn how to order all sorts of alcohol in Chinese.

And, since Gregg will be checking top secret message to him is that Sunday went fine, but it was pretty slow. If Saturday was a bit more than an 8 day, then Sunday was about a 5 day.

It's a bit cold and dreary today. I don't much like the dreary part and really don't like the kind of cold part. Well, at least it's not snowing...


Anonymous said...

Shawn, I cant post because I cant log in, everyyhing for log in is in Chinese. So if you could tell me what the blog asks for and in what order I should be able to log in and blog. I would tell you more but I'm soooo effen tired I cant even drink er think. Thanx and I'll check back w/ ya thursday.

Shawn said...

Hey Gregg... 1)Go to 2)There will be two boxes there...the first is Username (Email) and the second is Password...below them is the button that you click for Sign In. What a trip that everything's in Chinese...what kind of crap is that anyway?