Wednesday, July 06, 2005

One letter can make all the difference,,,

"Ow can I hep you pleese?" It's not the voice I was expecting on the line, so I'm thrown for a second.
"Huh?" I say. "Uh yeah, is Eric in."
"Who is theese?"
"I get Eric."
"Thanks," I say, but she's already gone.
I try to remember what the other housekeeper sounded like because I don't think this is the same one. It's still hard to picture Eric with a housekeeper although he's had one for a while. It doesn't seem that long ago that he had his first apartment. It was a traditional crappy first apartment style place in Telucah Lake. It was decorated in early bachelor. I bought him a cheap chair from IKEA because the lawn chair wasn't quite doing the trick. Now he's jet-setting it.
"Hello Shawn. What's up?" It's Eric's wife. Her voice isn't exactly chilly, but it's not warm either.
"What's up? What do you need?" At this point I'm wondering what I interrupted.
"Um, hi.. Is this Erin? This is Eric's friend, Shawn."
"You wanted Eric? She told me... Oh my gosh... I'm sorry hun, I thought it was my ex-husband Shawn. Let me go get Eric..."


Jason said...

LOL! I've had a few calls like that.

Sadie Lou said...

That was great.

joanne said...

So funny. Erin and Eric, very similar sounding also.

Slade said... write accents so well

Miranda said...

Oh no!

savage said...

Hm. I attempted to write the "one letter can make all the difference" to the American Language Institute in reference to their continued condonement of homestay families defrauding international students. (We'll just see how that works out, won't we?) -- if you know anyone who gives a damn about international students and how our country (U.S.) is perceived overseas ... please tell me.
Comments are much appreciated --

savage said...

Mercifully, tho...
It is an email letter, not an alphabet letter.
But I think I can be forgiven for stretching the relavence here. I'm really pissed off about people taking advantage of international students (especially the one who is my girlfriend).