Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tour de Lance... again

Lance Armstrong is awesome. No really, he's a Texas-sized stud. Barring the world blowing up tonight, he will ride into Paris tomorrow to win his seventh -- uh, that's seventh straight -- Tour de France.

And he's stepping out at the top of his game. How many athletes do that? Not enough, that's for sure...

And he's been dating Sheryl Crow for a long time now.

And his foundation has raised an ass-load of money to fight cancer by selling little yellow wristbands on the Internet... frickin' brilliant!

So, on the off chance that maybe some day Lance Armstrong might be sitting at home Googling his name and end up here*...

Thanks Lance.

You could have given up a long time ago, but you didn't. You could have been a schmuck, but you weren't. You've shown that you can be tough and have class at the same time. And you've done good things with your time in the spotlight and that's pretty cool.

Oh yeah, you also didn't piss me off and date Katie Holmes like that prick Tom Cruise.

*Don't laugh, it could happen.


The Zombieslayer said...

Mr. Armstrong is another example of a fine American athlete. And, who is this Katie Holmes? I must not watch enough tv/movies.

Slade said...

You are so right! He is amazing! I saw a re-run of when he came public with his cancer diagnosis and I is very touching to watch

Alecia said...

Well Put..

Also, reminds me of the time when I wasn't thinking clearly..or probably wasn't thinking at all..and I asked a group of my friends where the Tour de France was? They have never, and will never let me forget it. Rightfully so, I think.

Shawn said...

Too funny...cheers to those moments that just won't go away.