Sunday, July 17, 2005

You're a wizard 'Arry

All the cute girls in West Bend are reading the new Harry Potter book.

I decided to not fight the ransacking hordes and waited until yesterday to get mine. While I was paying for it, one of the cutest girls in WB bopped into line by me, clutching HP close to her well-formed breast. She presented a comely figure. Thank you world for that small, beautiful moment.

I only put in 100 pages yesterday. Last book I plowed through and it was over too fast. This one I'm forcing myself to savor. It's not easy to do... I so want to plow though.

So, after catching the end of today's Tour de France stage, I'm now ready to head outside to my deck to slurp coffee and do some savoring...

p.s. -- Props to Eileen who claims to be a slow reader, but who bombed through her HP already.

p.p.s -- Am I the only one who finds this to be a weird cultural phenomenon? Half of America reading the same book in a giant readathon?! Definitely odd!


Sadie Lou said...

My cousin Levi at culturezoo informed me at church this afternoon that he was actually embarrassed to guy buy his copy of HP. I have to admit, I feel his shame. He said he doesn't feel quite OLD enough to not be excited but not young enough to be as excited as he is.
I'm this way about Stephen King's Dark Tower series.
When the last book came out, I broke all my rules. I read it TOO fast and I looked ahead at all the pictures.
I was a fool. Take your time, it'll be worth it.

tshsmom said...

That's the cool part, Shawn. People, especially kids, are actually READING!!

Sassy said...

My hubby bough it yesterday...He's on page 719 already!! Sheesh. I don't read that fast. It'll take me two weeks to get through it.

The Zombieslayer said...

I finished it that night, even though it was Mrs. Zombieslayer's copy. If I were single, I think I'd use my knowledge of Harry Potter to pick up chicks. ;)

Great books.