Monday, October 17, 2005

My new most favorite search results that got you here...

These were the last three search results that brought some lucky readers to my little slice of the blog pie.

10/17/05 19:25:37 cheerleaders (Google)
10/17/05 08:08:26 leif garrett + Lederhosen (MSN)
10/16/05 22:06:40 milwaukee U2 vertigo (Google)

U2...okay, that's cool. It was a sweet show. Cheerleaders...sorry, I've let you down dude. I love them too.

Um, Leif Garrett + Lederhosen? I can't even begin to address that one. I love the's so awesome that Al Gore invented it for us.


Eileen said...

I've had some crazy search engine hits, too. They include:

name given to the british from people of

show a pictures of a guy rapping a girl

bush angry

jiggy fridays


Who knew I was such a font of knowledge?

Shawn said...

So, how do you 'make a girl sex satisfied'?

Shelly said...

That's pretty crazy...i don't think that anyone has stumbled on to mine! Here's hoping!! hahahahah:)

Brookelina said...

I love doing this! I get a lot of people searching for "Brooke's tits" and "anal". I'm sure they are disappointed when they wind up at my blog.

Joe said...

Dude - yesterday the search "naked mens locker room" brought some unsuspecting victim to my page.

Today's search is 'smurfs'

Thank you MSN Search!

Laura said...

Wow... I just looked mine up. Nothing as interesting as Lederhosen, but some weird ones like "Oochi gaga"... (scratches head)

The Zombieslayer said...

Dang, you found me out. I was looking to buy some lederhosen the other day and ended up on your site. Not just any old lederhosen, but the lederhosen Leif Garrett wears.

exMI said...

I have never had such things show up at mine. (thus far)
Probably the strangest was when someone did a search for IF they knew that, why search???????

Joe said...

I got a new fun search referral today! This one is from and the magic words were: NAKED SIDNEY CROSBY