Thursday, December 08, 2005

You have the right to remain silent...

No, this has nothing to do with arrests or incarceration. It's all about viewing pleasure...mine.

I decided a while back that my silent movie knowledge was sort of lacking. Now, I get to remedy that a bit. I bought a Chaplin DVD collection the other day and now I plan on watching some of it. It's multi-disk set of Chaplin shorts. Yup, I'm going to stare at Charlie's shorts for a while tonight.

This is all assuming I can stay awake. I've had a day full of an electrician climbing around, drilling stuff and making a mess. He's putting in some ventilation fans. Oh boy, the fun never ends. I had to be up at 7 this morning only to find he wouldn't be here till 8. He seems alright though and isn't too annoying.

His partner just showed up though and all I think is...doofus. He's already stepped on my surfboard and just seems to generally be in the way and awkward.

Will I be glad when they leave? Ummmm, yeah...


Slade said...

Probably a crazy question, but have you seen Nosveratu (spelling?)

It was my first ever silent film and I loved it!

Miranda said...

Watch Daddy Longlegs.
It's odd, but enjoyable. :)

Shelly said...

Sorry about the doofus! I hate stupid people. I hope your silent movies are entertaining. I just don't think i could get in to something like that. Although i will have a lot of free time coming up! Exams are next week and then i have 3 weeks off of school! Who knows...i might even party!!! hahaha

The Zombieslayer said...

Slade - You liked Nosveratu? I thought it was okay. My youngest brother loves it though. I guess it was way ahead of its time though.

Shawn - I loved Chaplin. I liked the movie Chaplin too.

Laura said...

The Music Box Theatre in Chicago used to show the old Phantom of the Opera on Halloween night at midnight. They still have the original theatre pipe organ, so it's really cool.

I like Chaplin stuff too.

Um, you have a surfboard? Does that come in handy in Yah-hey-der country?

Shawn said...

***Silent movie update***

Watched three of the Chaplin movies. They were early Keystone ones. A lot of smacking people around and some glimpses of Chaplin's comic genius.

Haven't seen Nosferatu yet...I watched part of it a couple of weeks ago, but had to go to work so I didn't finish it. I downloaded it from The Archives though.

And, Laura...the surfboard is not in the least bit handy around here. They do surf Lake Michigan, but I kind of doubt you'll see me out there.