Monday, February 27, 2006

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Not quite a year has trickled by since the first tapping of keys created a semi-coherent post here on Cheeseismoldymilk. Like a lot of people who started doing this, I never really thought anyone would actually read this - except for a couple of friends of course. Imagine my surprise when I started getting comments.

One thing I've noticed about this blogging thing - at least among those who use Blogger - is that there's a lot of desire to read other blogs. I love finding new people who have interesting things to say. Sometimes, it's nice to see there are others with like opinions. Sometimes, it's just fun to be a voyeur. And many times, it's just amazing to see that there are so many people who write well and have a need to express themselves.

Who knows, maybe this all fills a need that's been created by our transient, insular society. Maybe, people do need to interact and form relationships that are deeper than a simple wave to the neighbor as we hop in our cars to commute to work. I like to think that people need other people. I hope I'm right, because an inherent need like that would be a strong force for peaceful coexistance.

Anyway, in the last eleven months, I've seen a lot of blogs and bloggers fall by the wayside. It makes me sad. Maybe more sad than it should, but I've grown attached to some of the virtual people that I share this electronic realm with. It's hard to read a person's thoughts and hopes and not feel an attachment.

I still forlornly check the old blog of one American girl who was living in London. She was in her mid- or late-twenties and wrote with some of the best clarity I've ever seen. It was like reading the real Bridget Jones' diary. There were ups and downs. And, there was growth. I found it sort of odd - and sad - that although she had been chronicling her life for over two years, there were no comments at all on her blog. Unfortunately, I found her blog near the end of it's run and my few comments remain the only ones.

She just stopped writing. Who knows, maybe she finally found that someone she hoped for. Maybe she just got tired of writing for herself. Or maybe something terrible happened to her. There's no way to know. So, I keep on checking back from time to time in hopes that maybe there will be something there. Sadly, I know there probably won't.

I'm not really sure what I'm on about here, but I think it's sort of left me with two goals. One is to promise to not just disappear without a trace. I won't ever just stop completely without warning...I promise. I hope none of you ever just hang it up and disappear.

Second, I'm going to make it a point to find more blogs and leave some comments. If nothing else, maybe it will make someone else feel less alone. I think we should all make that a goal.

So, go out and leave a comment somewhere. Make someone feel good.


The Girl in the Black Tee Shirt said...

I want to be Exene Cervenka.

You really need to get into Bright Eyes! I hate to be that kid who keeps praising Bright Eyes because, but it is good stuff.

Thanks for the hair comment!

tshsmom said...

I've noticed this trend too. A LOT of my favorite bloggers have just quit, others are on "hiatus". SOME have even been too busy to blog because they were watching the Olympics. *Ahem* ;)

K said...

To comment or not to comment - that is the question (for me anyway). I read close to 20+ blogs on a near daily basis and very rarely leave comments.

Sometimes it's because I just don't know what to say. It can be highly voyeuristic - peeking in on someone's life, someone's private thoughts. Even though they have been made readily available on the web, I sometimes feel like an intruder.

Often I don't comment because there seems to already be a well established group communicating via said blog. It can be a little intimidating when you finally step up and throw your 2 cents in.

More often than not, I just lurk. I hate feeling like I'm pimping my blog by commenting on others... as though they are obligated to read my shit because I mustered a "nice blog" comment.

Geez, I'm rambling now. See what happens when I comment? Slippery slope....

Aaaaaaanyway, your take on things makes me second guess my lurking policy. I know how cool it can be when you feel like something you wrote struck a chord with someone else. In your honour, I shall comment on each blog I read tonight. Starting now....

optimism said...

Could not agree with killer bits more.. but at the same time the very first comment I got from a stranger felt like a validation of sorts. Comment or no comment, enjoy the proces people.

Laura said...

I'm with you on this one. I love commenting on strange blogs. Some people I know say they don't feel comfortable because they don't know the person, or they don't want to crash the party. I say - that's the point. The person wouldn't be blogging and enabling comments if they didn't want to see comments.

I never thought anyone would read my blathering either. I try to read new blogs, but I have so many "regulars" that it becomes difficult to read any more.

I too, keep checking the dead blogs to see if anything new pops up.

Shawn said...

Black tee - Be careful what you wish for...if you were Exene Cervenka, you would be old. Cool, but old.

Tshsmom - It makes my daily blog reading a lot less fun when half my list of favorites hasn't written anything new.

Bits - You know how happy I am that you comment. It makes my day shiney and happy when you do. Maybe it's just tongue man...but I don't think so.

Optimism - Wow! It's nice to have a new voice. Thanks for stopping by. You're right...just enjoy the process.

Laura - I'm sort of in the middle sometimes. There are a few blogs I like to read but not comment on. Like one that is written by a girl in her first year of college. I don't want to seem like a creepy guy, so I just read it and don't comment...which, of course, makes me sort of a creepy guy. Sigh...when will I get this right?

K said...

FYI: I been spreading the luv all over the blogosphere... I really hope I don't catch anything... ;o)

The Girl in the Black Tee Shirt said...

True, but I would have had the pleasure of being married to John Doe for a while, and I would have been part of the L.A. punk scene. I was born at the wrong time.

Shawn said...

KB - Pennicillin baby...I'm just saying:)

Black tee - Cheers to that...I always wish that I didn't grow up so suburban because that stuff was in my backyard.

Laura said...

If it makes you feel any better - deep down, all men are creepy... ;)