Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Maybe it's just as Kris says, a weeping Baby Jesus caused heavy downpours on the East coast because of the Gators' big win last night. I like to think that the B.J. - much like my former co-worker Brian - would have only been weeping for the game, which wasn't very good. Brian was a sportswriter and used to always say he was rooting for the game. I'm pretty sure that the B.J. is enough of a sports fan to just want to see a good game.

If he was pulling for someone though, it would have been UCLA. They come from the City of Angels after all. And everyone loves California deep down - even those crusty New Yorkers have a secret spot in there hearts filled with warm thoughts of beaches and Bay Watch girls.

Of course...Florida can give California a run for their money on the beaches and babes front, but it's not really the same is it?

Before tripping too much further down the merry path, I should tell you that I've been a Florida fan for a while - just not basketball. These guys did win me over though and for much of March, my Florida hat sat perched on my sparsely-haired head.

Not last night though. Sorry guys, but I've been a UCLA fan for a lot longer. They were part of my formative years, what can I say?

Anyway, I was hoping to share some pithy observations about the game, the teams, and the nature and state of sport, but I can't really get past the thought that the Florida players always make me think of the Mouse.

Seriously, they look like the cast of a Disney Kids sitcom about a basketball team. You've got the white black guy, the crazy hair guy, the jock guy...you get the picture. They even sort of look like they could all be made into cartoons with little effort. All they really need to round out the show is wise-crackin' towel guy, a cheerleader and her smart roommate.

I just keep picturing them getting into silly binds by messing up a rich alum's sports car at the fundraising car wash, or cleaning the dorms for three days because they can't sleep after concocting some elixir to help them stay awake to study. Or maybe, it would be the always popular Flubber experiment gone awry that would get them into quite a pickle.

Golly, maybe this was a heartwarming game after all. Those crazy kids pulled it off. Or, maybe it was just a mildly entertaining end to a long month of college basketball...


tshsmom said...

Damned basketball pre-empted CSI Miami!! :(

The Zombieslayer said...

Florida can give California a run for their money on the beaches and babes front, but it's not really the same is it?

Hate to say it, but Florida wins hands down. Our beaches are too cold to swim, and the anti-fun p.c. police have decimated the colleges to the point that neither UCSB nor Chico State are party schools any more, and neither is L.A. a party town, unless of course you have money.

If you want to see hot babes in bikinis, Florida has taken the throne. We're still #2 at least. :\