Friday, October 13, 2006

The birthplace of the Republican party...I kid you not

I know there's irony in this...I just know it.

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Today, I had to drive out to lovely Ripon, Wisconsin - home of 'Ripon Good Cookies' and also 'the birthplace of the Republican party'. It's got a cute downtown and some nice people.

On the way into town, I nearly took out an old lady, a blind guy with a guide dog, and a Cub Scout pack as I swerved to the side of the road, lept from the truck and snapped the picture above.

Anyway, there it is.

The real deal.

The actual house.

'The birthplace of the Republican party.'

I'm too tired to even write something humoruous like - if they can't even be trusted with the house you were born in, how can they be trusted with the big House on the Hill in Washington, D.C., or that spiffy White House down the street from it? I'm too tired to go for a cheap chuckle.

Oh, wait...I guess I'm not.


Wendy said...

As a non-American I often am reluctant to even comment but what I really hope is that the Democrats have some sort of miracle in their back pockets... because we sure haven't seen much of anyone or anything that is giving us foreigners (Canadians) any hope that the Democrats have a fucking clue what they are doing and have some worthwhile candidates in the wings to win the votes of the electorate in the upcoming election. Please tell us you have someone... PLEASE!!

Shawn said...

I think Americans need to hear from more non-Americans. We're so very insulated from the rest of the world - despite our beliefs that we're not - and insulated from the effects of our actions in other places of the world.

Hopefully, a change will at least put a stop to the abuses of power by the ruling party.

We'll see, eh? I just like saying 'eh'. That's how we 'mericans like to indicate that we're speaking Canadian ya know.

But seriously, we do have someone...we just can't tell you about them. It's top secret.

Miranda said...

Cookies and Republicans. Meant to be together. :)

tshsmom said...

I'm guessing that the Republican party was "born" in Wisconsin to balance out the DFL in MN. ;)

Laura said...

It's a long process of reconstruction... that's all. If they could just get those insurgents to stop blowing up the place, they'd be right back on track...

That is funny.

Slade said...

It's funny how most internationals are pro-democrat...hmmm

thephoenixnyc said...

Well, remember until the 1960s, the Republican party was liberal and catered to the Noth and its ideals.

It was only the civil rights struggle and the Nixon "Southern Strategy" that caused the social/cultural elements of the Dems and Repugs to flip flop.

"The Party of Lincoln" is NOT the party of Bush or Reagan.

SME said...

As a non-American who technically is an American, I have to tell you...non-Americans are not deeply impressed by Republicans, and I guarantee they would not be impressed by their birthplace either. Makes Elvis's childhood home look like the Taj Ma-freakin'-hal. We do, however, have genuine respect for cookies.

tshsmom said...

I'm telling Grandma on you SME, my little Canuck! ;)

Miranda said...

The Democrats certainly wouldn't have impressed Lincoln much, either. Democrats have, after all, put Robert Byrd in one of the most powerful positions possible. It was they who made fun of Condoleeza rice's color and called her "Aunt Jemima."

Slade: What's surprising to me is that suddenly, democrats think having international support is some kind of blessing. I don't care whether or not someone from a country that allows worse things than we do gives its blessing to mine. What matters isn't foreign support - what matters is doing the right thing.

SME said...

I'm not saying I feel that way, just that Canucks in general do! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Shawn said...

It was they who made fun of Condoleeza rice's color and called her "Aunt Jemima."

Most have been talking to Donald Rumsfeld at the time. No, wait...that was Nixon and Rummy making fun of the dumb black people...I get them confused.

Maybe 'they' were calling her Maccaca...wait...confusing the teams again... I can't keep track, thank goodness FOX will tell me what to think.

I've got a headache and I feel bitchy.