Monday, October 30, 2006

Drop in the bucket

In the vast scheme of things, a few dollars from a few individuals barely scratches the multiple millions poured in modern political campaigns every election cycle. But, maybe that's not really the point anyway.

At the beginning of the month, I decided to get a bit more involved in the Congressional race here in my district. I was supporting a decent guy - Bryan Kennedy - a man who loves his kids, cares about his country, and wants to see everyone in America receive a decent opportunity to succeed. He's running against one of the most loathed politicians in Washington - James Sensenbrenner - an heir to the vast Kimberly Clark fortune.

I started an ActBlue page and did some plugging on a website called DailyKos. I hoped to raise $100-500. Realistically, I figured maybe a bit over $100. Well, thanks to a lot of people kicking in a bit - including someone here who gets nothing in return for their donation but my thanks and the knowledge that maybe those few dollars will help elect a good person - the total is now $576.58 for Bryan Kennedy's campaign and another $45.01 for Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots Fund.

Along the way, I've discovered other little campaigns that could and was able to donate a bit to them. Larry Kissell out in North Carolina, Scott Kleeb in Nebraska, and Patrick Murphy in Pennsylvania.

Maybe it will help, maybe not.

But, on a personal level...that's not even the important thing. The important thing is that it allowed me to reconnect to the system that is increasingly pushing people away. And that feels great.

Democracy only works when people are part of the process.

So, in a week and a day from now - please, just go out and vote. Drop the apathy for a day and take part in the process. Vote however you want - Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Librarian, Green, whatever - but vote.

**Back to regularly scheduled rants, smart-assichness, and observations later**


SME said...

Good for you! Great idea.
The politicians must be desperate, 'cause the attack ads are snarkier than ever. An Idaho one actually referred to a Repub. as a "frickin' idiot". (tho to be fair, it was a fellow Repub who called him that).

tshsmom said...

I know this is bitchy, but I've been thoroughly enjoying the anti-Pawlenty ads!
Tonight Z said that he never thought he'd see the day that his mother enjoyed mud-slinging.

dbackdad said...

Screw a week from now. I did a mail-in ballot for the first time and have already mailed it in. Woo-hoo!! Anywho, megadittos to Shawn. Get your asses out there and vote!

Slade said...

I am so proud of you! What I like about you, Shawn, is that you walk your talk. You don't just bitch about things on your actually go out and make a difference...great job! Make sure you post the election results