Friday, April 22, 2005

Finally... Friday

Man am I tired... I'm glad it's weekend time again. Unfortunately, there's no plans on the burner.

Isn't it a bit funny that if I were to do a post with a dateline of, let's say, Paris... all I would have to say something like 'Hung out at along Rue St. Denis' or 'Saw a hottie by the Opera Garnier' and it would sound interesting and exotic. If I tell you 'I watched cars drive by the corner of Main and Jefferson today...' it's a lot less interesting, n'est pas?

There it is then... that will be my fun for the weekend. I will speak only French to people. Of course this will lead to a nearly silent weekend since I don't speak French.

Me: 'Parlez vous Francais?'
Random Person: 'Oui... je parle Francais...'
Me: 'Ahhhh... Bon...'
Random Person: 'Parle tu Francais?'
Me: 'Non... je n'parle pas Francais...'
Random Person: 'What the fuck's wrong with you?'