Monday, September 19, 2005

The 80s are alive and well in Wisconsin

I know it's hard to keep up with the excitement that is my life. First I tell you about the sweet new chair. Then just when you're wondering how I can top that, there's this... I saw The 80s today and she was driving a new Toyota. Yeah, that's right. I looked over and there she was, The 80s. She hasn't changed a bit either. She's still got that spikey mullet that she had back then...but it has gotten a bit grey.

I think I was a bit rude. I just stared over at her - I couldn't help myself. She's a decade for god's sake, she should be used to the attention by now.

She just looked over with a blank stare. I was sort of hoping for a Billy Idol snarl, but that didn't happen. Oh well...

Oh yeah, I'm also going to see U2 on Sunday. I suppose that's kind of neat, huh?


Laura said...

Have fun at the show!

Could you see her pants? Were they stirrups or parachutes? Did she have blue eyeshadow? Every so often I see a chick running around like that and I check my calendar to make sure it's not Halloween...

The Zombieslayer said...

Cool. Maybe that was my long lost sister. I never left the 80s either, although I'm proud to say I never had a mullet. :p

Miranda said...

I'd go back to the 80s in a second. Then my Commodore 64 would still work AND everyone else would acknowledge its coolness.

Enjoy the concert.

Shelly said...

the 80's were awesome. of course i was only 8 at the end of the 80's so i guess my life then would have been pretty good!!!:)

tshsmom said...

70's for me.

Shawn said...

L - Show should be great. Not sure on the pants, but I'm guessing parachute.

zs - Thank god you don't have to hide any humiliating mullet photos.

S - I hope that life is still good...keep the 80s in your heart and be happy.

M - I'll acknowledge the coolness of your dearly departed Commodore 64. My first computer was a Mac Plus. I still remember it fondly.

tshsmom - It's possible that The 70s might be driving around Wisconsin too...I'll keep my eyes peeled.

thephoenixnyc said...

Is The 80s related to Mother Nature.

Have fun seeing my favorite band, its an AWESOME concert. Great tour.