Friday, September 23, 2005


So, I had to go to the Rivoli theater in Cedarburg Thursday night. I got there and it was locked up. I started tapping on the window and waited for the manager to hear and come open the door.

The Rivoli is an old, one-screen, movie theater on the main street through Cedarburg. Everything has a matching old look along this road. It's a cute town that's for sure, but running the smallest theater in the Marcus chain isn't the cherry job in the company. I was expecting an old-school, old man to be managing the Rivoli - someone like George, the manager of the theater near Downer Street in Milwaukee.

The breeze was making the fall air cold.

Tap. tap, tap...

Imagine my happy surprise when a gorgeous girl comes to the door. Wow - George sure has changed for the better, I thought.

Then she turned out to be smart and nice too.

Oh my god...I love you George. And I'm glad your name is Amanda.


The Zombieslayer said...

A phone number, perhaps? Cute and likes film. That's two big stars (stars the opposite of strikes).

We have a tiny theatre in Chico (a small northern California town that I'll be moving back to in a few weeks) that has a tiny theatre. Shows stuff like foreign films and Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Animation. I've yet to go to a Spike & Mike even though we've written something that could be submitted to it.

Shawn said...

No digits must try to remain professional on the job. But, I now have a great reason to go back to watch a second-run movie in a little, bitty theater that's for sure.

Chico also has bars...many, many bars...and drunk college gotta love Chico.

Eileen said...

My parents to to the Rivoli all the time. They think other movie theatres are too expensive.

Shawn said...

Maybe they can work on hooking me up with George. That would be even more awesome than shopping for tire tread sandals in Mexico for me...and that was pretty damn cool.