Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chair Man of the Bored

In more news of interest to only myself...I have a new chair. Yup. It's a leather office chair and I'm sitting in it now. And, yes, it is awesome. It is so much more comfy than my old regular chair.

Also, it has a built in massager. You're jealous, you know you are. Oh baby...I may never leave it. Unfortunately, it's not a sweet Sharper Image massager, but more of a cheap motel bed massager... Oh well, guess you can't have everything.

The smell of new leather is pretty cool too. It really adds a lot to those bondage sites I've Hey, how about those Packers?


Miranda said...

Your chair is far superior to the chair of death I'm sitting in!
I'm glad you changed the subject before giving us the details on Helen Thomas in chains.

That might've messed up my mind more than a downward tumble in the chair of death.

Brookelina said...

I may live in Florida, and I may be a Jersey girl, but I am true Cheesehead - bring on the Pack!!!

Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm definitely blogrolling you - I'll be back!

The Zombieslayer said...

They're losing 13-7 at half-time. This sucks!

The Girl in the Black Tee Shirt said...

Congrats on the new chair!!!

You should figure out a way to turn the chair into one of those Rascal-type things...then you really would never have to leave it!

Laura said...

MMM. I need a new chair like that. that sounds comfy

tshsmom said...

If I had a comfy chair, I'd never quit blogging. Not a good thing.

Shawn said...

Oh yeah...the chair still rocks! It's okay to be jealous guys, just don't let it consume you.