Saturday, November 26, 2005

0 for 3

I've gone 0-3 on my holiday plans...didn't do drinks with Gregg, Thanksgiving dinner was postponed a day, and last night it was snowing a bunch, so I didn't see Eileen. Go figure.

Despite that, it wasn't all bad. Still went out on Thanksgiving Eve. I suppose it could be called Tanksgiving, since that's what everyone was busy doing...getting tanked. Ran into some people I haven't seen in a while. Thanksgiving was postponed a day, so Thursday turned into a Shawn's gonna start learning to use Flash kind of day. My favorite pub open that night, so out I went and had a great time...again running into some friends. Friday, went to the folks house and did the dinner thing. Then it started snowing and it was getting late, so no drive through the backroads of Wisconsin to see my friend visiting her folks.

So, now it's Saturday...who knows what's gonna happen...I just know that I'm not going to try and plan ahead...not with my recent record...


K said...

To date, the best things in my life have been unplanned and entirely accidental. Here's hoping you find some accidental fun this wkd too!

tshsmom said...

Yeah, we wound up mouseproofing our house ALL DAY Friday!
"Life is what happens while you're making plans."

Shawn said...

me - I think today will the day that it all comes together...I have faith.

tshsmom - Sometimes you have the most exciting adventures...I'm not sure mouseproofing the house is one of them though.

I think you should just let them come and then have Acorn Man kick their little mouse behinds... Acorn Man seems like he could be a tough nut if he needs to be.

tshsmom said...

Thanks Shawn! Exciting and my name haven't been mentioned in the same sentence for a loonnng time.;)
Acorn Man is SME's creation. Since SME is an ARDENT rodent lover, I doubt that he'd kick much mouse butt.

Joe said...

I tell you what you should do, Shawn. Go get a job with the Wisconsin State Department of Tourism because you make Cheeseville sound oh-so-wonderful!

So much snow that you can't go places already???

Shawn said...

I should clarify that there wasn't that much was about three inches or so. It was more that all of it was still in the middle of the roads and I had just eaten 14 helpings of turkey, spuds, etc... And it was still falling.

The next day it rained and we had crazy lightning. That took care of the snow.

As long as it doesn't start raining frogs, I guess I can deal.

For tourism, how about... "Wisconsin - why come here?