Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Okay...that's weird...but, I'll go anyway

In a bit of blog irony (would that be blogrony?) or some such thing, my plans for a quiet Thursday night sucking back a drink or two have just changed. Now, I'm going to try and shake hands with a real man.

A couple of days ago, Zombieslayer did a post on 'The Man' and I commented that no one in Bush Co. was likely to be shopping at Wal-Mart any time soon.

No...I'm not going to tell you Turdblossom was shopping for skivies in aisle six today. This is much better than that. Jimmy Carter is going to be signing his new book at the local Wal-Mart superstore. It's true...Secret Service has been through the place for the last week.

Whacked out...indeed...but I'm going to be there.

For some weird reason, the Milwaukee area has been a magnet for politicos of all stripes the last few years. During the campaign Bush stopped here twice and his wife came out once. Kerry made his stops here too. But this is the first time that a real President has been in the area since I've been here.

What? Didn't I just say Bush was here twice?

Yes, I did...and I stand by my statement that this will be the first real President stopping here during my time here. Bush might be your president, but he's not mine. In fact, I've decided to dismiss him as a spoiled, rich, bastard who's not even worthy of my scorn. You can keep that 'man of faith' and any god he worships.

Jimmy Carter, on the other hand, is someone that I can respect.

I might not think of him as the best President of my lifetime, but I believe he did a respectable job when in office and a more than respectable job when out of it. He has always been candid about his faith and he backs it up with actions. That quietly commands respect, if you ask me.

So, while Junior stands in front of carefully-orchestrated, mocked-up scenes of rebuilding after disasters, Jimmy Carter has been busy actually pounding nails in houses for the poor. Junior talks about his faith with a bull horn, and Carter quietly earns the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

Anyway, you can call Carter a peanut farmer, say he's not a savvy politician, even say he seems a bit goofy...but in my book he'll always be a man for trying honestly. Bush...well, he'll never be a real man, no matter how many troops he commands or how loud he proclaims his hollow faith. A real man is honest and has character...and you can't buy those things.

So, I bought Jimmy Carter's new book.

I'll be standing there in line. And if I get to see the guy and have my book signed, I'll leave happy knowing that I've seen a real man...


K said...

American politicians are oh so much more entertaining than their Canadian counterparts.... You won't see any rants from me anytime soon about the wacky hi-jinx of Paul Martin (Zzzzzzzz).

Sadly, I'm not up on my Carter trivia, but even us Northern folk realize that Bush is a gigantic motard. Several years later, I still can't get over the fact that he was RE-elected!!! For the love of pete, Americans (50.1% anyway - or whatever the stats say) are gluttons for punishment...

Better luck in the next election (of course, failing that, you could always relocate to join your quasi-sane neighbours in the land of Canucks!)

The Zombieslayer said...

Carter as a person is a wonderful man. he's the only President in the past twenty years I'd let babysit my kid. But he was a horrible President. The things I remember from Carter was that he gave away the Panama Canal, he weakened the military, and huge inflation.

But you are right. As a person, he's a wonderful man.

Shawn said...

Believe me...the thought has crossed my mind. It's quickly vanquished when I remember that you guys have bad beer up there. Oh, and the money kind of freaks me out... Another moron for president though, and I might be your neighbor.

ZS - True on all counts, only he didn't really give the canal away since it was never ours begin with, we were just leasing it.

If I remember right, Carter inherited a lot of crap - like inflation - from Ford...but that's what you get from having a vice-vice president in office before you.

As for the military being weak, that was more a result of post Viet Nam sentiments than anything the president did back then.

On a positive note for Carter...it was the guys after him - Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton - who were giving away the store and allowing jobs to go overseas.

I do agree with you though that he wasn't a very effective president in many areas, but most people would trust him with their kids.

Laura said...

YEah, I remember going to Milwaukee for a Feingold/Moore/Obama campaign stop in 04 -it is quite the battleground. Have fun. Tell Jimmy I say hi ;)

thephoenixnyc said...

Here Here. Carter was a good man, yes, he was in over his head, but he was honest, had the nation's interest above his or his party's and has gone on to do great things for humanity.

I think from regular reading of my blog you know where I stand on the criminal hater in chief. I have some dooseys up now.

BTW, remember you had mentioned you could optimize my site for me. I would like you to do that. Email me with apirce and let's het started.



Shelly said...

So I getting this vibe that you don't like Bush!! hahah! I on the other hand LOVE Bush. Yes you can call me stupid and what not, but I believe he is doing his best.

I am not old enough to remember Carter. In fact, I don't know anything about him. Except that he was a peanut farmer.

Come on, I'm a special education major and not a history major!! hahah! I am just trying to get kids to read let alone know the political views of every former and current president.

Anyway...i'm sorry that you see Bush as such a failure. Yes he has made mistakes...but then again...who hasn't?

Well back to studying for me!!:)

Gregg said...

qWait a minute; you actually think Carter builds these houses? The pictures of him, hammer in hand, are not photo ops? Wow, we see what we want to see I guess. I happen to see a large tax sucking sub-corporation preying off people who are encouraged, or perhaps enabled, to remain reliant on the government cheese, so to speak. It's Big money to run Habitat for Inhumanity, most of our taxes go to administers of such projects, and not to the intended "victims" of societal negligence. Enabling people to fail is big business indeed. As for our current president, there is honor in freeing an oppressed, people and giving a country a system of government that encourages political inclusion, but I suppose you are all for female circumcision, genocide, the rich getting richer, the poor, well, fuck the poor. The last great thing the Left did in this country was to have a civil rights movement. Now that we are in the midst of another in Iraq, it’s reckless and evil. That just doesn’t make sense to me.
Love, Gregg

tshsmom said...

I've always said that Carter may not have accomplished anything, but at least he's honest. When's the last time THAT happened? And don't tell me JFK, because we all know he was FAR from honest.
Honesty is way too underrated these days!

Shawn said...

Hey Greggers...fumes getting to you in the kitchen, huh?! Calling the Festering Boil in the White House a liberator is a bit like calling a guy who doesn't kick a bum a Buddha.

Anyone who now claims that they always thought we were going to Iraq to liberate the poor, oppressed brown people there is either lying or a tard. Let's at least be honest about that one... We went to kick some Saddam ass.

Say you believed the weapons of mass destruction spiel and I can at least respect that, but at this point it's a bit lame to stick to that one. Regardless, we're there now...so, let's finish the effin job and be done with it. I'm tired of paying for it and I'm a bit tired of some assmunch trying to play FDR.

If Bush wanted to be a great war hero, he should have gone and fought in the one he dodged...er, served valiantly in as a Crossing Guard, or whatever...

Sadly for Dumbass - I mean Dubya - the only Nazi hordes he has to square off against to show his mettle are in his administration.

Now...unless you're buying me a drink or challenging me to trivia...I have no time for your nonsense little one...I have babies to kill and money to waste...

Oh yeah... Kisses...

shelly - I still love you even if you love the Devil. I would try and hook you up with Gregg (he loves the Devil too), but he's whipped by a girl and doesn't come out to play with the boys anymore...so, I guess he's off the market. And yes...by all means study more...do not go out and have fun...it's totally overrated.

tshsmom - Yeah, a bit of honesty from the leaders of this country would be a refreshing breeze.

Shelly said...

Shawn, thanks for the offer of trying to hook me up with Gregg, but i'm happily content with my b/f of 1 1/2 years. And I do go out and have fun. Study groups are fun!!! hahah j/k. If you would just invite me to go out to the pub with you, i would drop all my books and party hard!!! hahahah

Miranda said...

Okay. I can understand criticizing Bush, but _not_ if you praise Carter.

Anyone who calls Bush incompetent cannot reasonably praise the man responsible for the "hostage rescue" chopper crash. I mean, this is a guy who was frightened by bunnies, but who tried to make friends with communist soviets and terrorist leaders.

The economy under Carter's reign was hardly something to boast about.

As for him being "candid" about his faith - nothing could be farther from the truth. He claimed to be a "born again Christian", was voted into office largely because of it, and then he turned his back on born again Christians, voting for nothing they supported and everything they did not.

Bush has been more candid, though
I suspect you despise, rather than admire him for it. Whenever a liberal praises someone for anything faith related, it's because that person has little. Bill Clinton, JFK, and Jimmy Carter
are men of faith, whereas George Bush is a religious fanatic ;).

Oh well. I don't understand it, but I don't have to.

The Zombieslayer said...

Shawn - Okay, I'll give him props for not starting the outsourcing craze.

but we did build the Panama Canal. Panama as a nation uses the American dollar to this day and speaks English. Now, some Chinese corporations have their hands in the Canal. Not good at all. It would have been better in our hands with us paying a tax to Panamanian citizens.

Shawn said...

shelly - A round at the pub it is! Um...you'll probably want to get started soon though, I suspect it's a bit of a long drive. I'll warn you now, Illinois is boring.

M - Okay, I'll start at the top...

Anyone who calls Bush incompetent cannot reasonably praise the man responsible for the "hostage rescue" chopper crash.

The obsurdity of that statement isn't quite staggering, but close. It would be a bit like me blaming Bush for a Humvee hitting a mine. While it's possible to question the reason for the Humvee to be over there, it's not reasonable to blame Bush for an accident of war.

...who tried to make friends with communist soviets and terrorist leaders.

I'm not going to really address it, but turn it into a question. 'Who tried to make friends with communistss and terrorist leaders?' Yeah, it's a challenge...come back with a list of those communists and terrorists and we'll compare it across the board with the policies of every administration of the modern era = JFK to present.

He claimed to be a "born again Christian", was voted into office largely because of it, and then he turned his back on born again Christians, voting for nothing they supported and everything they did not.

Let's get this one right from the start. He actually lost 10 points in the polls after that revelation which was made as an aside comment to a campaign supporter in answer to a personal question.

The only 'Christians' he turned his back on were the hatemongering 'Moral Majority' hacks who are hardly worthy of being termed Christians.

Yes, Carter believes and believed, in the seperation of church and state, the right to abortion upheld by the Supreme Court (even though he doesn't believe in abortion) and that *gasp* gays and lesbians are no worse transgressors in the eyes of the Lord than than adulterers and divorced people. If believing the opposite is what is reguired to be a Christian, then you would be correct and Carter is not a Christian and, thankfully, most of your neighbors in the pews across America on Sunday are not Christians either.

Bush has been more candid, though
I suspect you despise, rather than admire him for it. Whenever a liberal praises someone for anything faith related, it's because that person has little.

I despise Bush because he's a lying piece of crap. He's a smug bastard who is used to running the playground. That's fine and dandy, but he's not very good at it...

I think he's small minded and short sighted and if I had the chance to meet him I would turn it down - although I would change that if there was the chance to tell him what I think of him and his policies.


ZS - ...we did build the Panama Canal. Panama as a nation uses the American dollar to this day and speaks English.

Yeah, I helped roof my neighbor's garage...but as much I like my handiwork, I can't claim to own his garage even though he does drink the same beer as me...Newcastle in case you were wonderin'...

Now, some Chinese corporations have their hands in the Canal. Not good at all.

I agree that would be bad indeed. There seems to be a lot of that trend lately. Just look at how they recently tried to buy one of our major oil companies.

The budding economic power of China should be a lot bigger concern than it is. But the flip side is that there are a lot of opportunities for American companies to open a huge market.

Shawn said...

An aside to clarify my personal thoughts on the string of presidents of the modern era...

JFK - He was young, handsome and charming... Like the civil rights stuff, but he was a sneaky bastard and a bit of hypocrite.

Johnson - Hamfisted idiot. This man is the cause of more needless deaths of Americans than any other in modern history.

Nixon - Lying, conniving, paranoid. The continuing cause of needless deaths of Americans. The echos of his administration are still being echoing in Washington.

Liked the bold move toward China though. Was that really him or his Secretary of State though...one wonders.

Ford - Ummm yeah, I don't really know anything he did...although the golfing incident and the ski accident come to mind.

My Dad met him and his wife on a plane once. My Dad said they were both very nice.

Carter - Always considered weak because he didn't saber rattle, but I still remember some interviews done with long-term political prisoners who recounted that the only time their suffering eased while in prison was when Carter announced a zero-tolerance for torturers foreign policy.

Did a crap job with the economy and always seemed out of place in Washington. A bit too down home for my tastes and far too into the God thing.

Reagan - Also did a crap job with the economy, but it recovered nicely anyway. Considered strong because he did saber rattle.

My Mother said he was very kind to her when she met him. She was the president of the National Secretaries Association (or some such thing) and he came to speak (he was still actor Reagan then). She was supposed to take some photos but got nervous and dropped the camera. He picked it up and spent some time posing for her so that she could get her pictures.

He was one of my favorites and I worked for both of his campaigns.

He was also a liar and manipulator par excellence... I suspect that he broke more than several laws while in office and had he been like Nixon would be reviled today.

Despite his flaws, I still like him.

Bush, Sr. - Thought he did a respectable job in office. I always suspected he had a lot to do with Reagan's strength on foreign policy (his CIA background and all), but I don't believe that anymore.

I still respect the dignity of office he represented then and continues to represent now. Didn't work on his campaign, but voted for him.

Clinton - What a smarmy smile he had...and still has. On the one hand he seemed charming, on the other he seemed a bit slippery.

Did a decent job in office, but was hampered by the rise of the current partisanship.

I left the Republican party during his presidency - not because I thought he was great guy, but because I couldn't stomach the Republican leadership at the time. I look back at them now as loveable compared to the brown shirts ruining...um running...the party now.

I still like Clinton, although I don't approve of his personal actions. C'mon Bill, you were married...

Bush, Jr. - He's in office during an unprecendented time. He's in the position to do great things, but I believe the seeds of this administration will bear poisoned apples in coming years.

I also believe history will show him to be the president that marked the decline of the United States as the pre-eminent world power and the rise of a great divide within American society.

In short, his administration is riddled with corruption, greed and criminal wrongdoing and he is perhaps the worst president of the last 100 years.

(Don't bother commenting on any of this...it's just my personal beliefs and I'm just giving it as background.)

tshsmom said...

Good definitions Shawn!
The only one I disagree with is Clinton. This man doesn't have the brains to pound sand down a rat hole! Anything he accomplished was because Hillary was pulling his strings. Hillary married him and groomed him for the presidency. Why? So she could get a step-up in her political career!

Gregg said...

Just got back from Vegas, was really looking forward to your retort, so you can imagine my dissapointment. Wolf O'witz and the boys were planning the Project for New American Century back in 91', a vision that I thought was rightfully quashed at that time. In retrospect it seems somewhat prophetic, in that it expressed that the incessant instability in the middle east will become a national security threat if not addressed. In any regard, I dont subscribe to the wmd spiel as you say, even though every liberal agreed that that was a percieved threat (probibly why you can "respect" that argument), I believe we are there to stabilize the region by installing a democracy. As for the rest of your argument, my dad always said dont match wits with someone who's unarmed.

Shawn said...

Hey Gregg...did you get married? If you did run off and get married, then congrats...if not, well, hope it was good time anyway...

Enough nice, nice...

As for the rest of your argument, my dad always said dont match wits with someone who's unarmed.

So, why in the name of all that's holy, do you insist on walking in here naked? For the love of Christ, please at least borrow some of Mike's wits before wandering out in the cold, cold world. I could loan you some of mine too...and still have enough to beat you at trivia.

I was going to argue back, but I'm not in the mood. I'm going to go out tonight though...

Gregg said...

Trivia; Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles.
Nuff said about that.
Did not get married, she is however on the right side of the fence, so, who knows? Had a great time, thanks for asking. You are much better at your little soliloquies than actual discourse so I understand why you would rather "go out" and perhaps match wits with the likes of a Mike. Speaking of which, he's looking for a roommate, you guys could spend endless hours discussing...... wow I almost stooped to your level of discourse. Hope ya got lucky last night, and hope you know this is all in fun. Don’t go changin’ your blog.
Love, Gregg

Shawn said...

Gregg - You must be a Sherpa. How else could you live in such lofty realms. Do people look like ants from way up there? Can you even see them? Just remember that nosebleeds, nausea, and loss of motor skills and coordination are signs of altitude sickness and you should come down immediately.

I get confused when I talk to you because you espouse the values of a conservative, but bang the drum of a neocon Bushwacker.

I thought you believed in smaller government, less government spending, strengthening the military, a free exchange of thoughts and traditional social values. Maybe I was wrong on that.

Maybe you have a better view of the big picture from your lofty heights, but from down here I see a different sight.

The Federal government has increased in size nearly 10 percent over the last six years.

The Federal deficit, which had been nearly erased, is now the highest it's ever been and that's before major no-bid spending on disaster rebuilding.

Umm, we're supposed to be in the middle of a war, yet how many bases are being closed? How do you reckon that armor plating is coming along on the vehicles servicemen and women are using in Iraq and Afghanistan? How exactly are those billions being spent on this 'war effort'.

Do I believe that we're doing the right thing over in Iraq? Sure do. (Well, except for the torture, beatings, and use of chemical weapons on civilians part.)

Do I believe for one second that we're there to better the lives of the Iraqi people? No, that's merely a byproduct of whatever bullshit goals the big Signifying Monkey in the White House has.

The monkey got the lion all riled about the elephant, and now that the lion figured out he was duped, the monkey is flashing his shiney 'look, we're promotin' democracy spoon' to distract the lion from kickin his ass.

And yet, here you are banging the neocon Bush gong.

Again, maybe you see the big picture and I'm missing something.

Maybe there really is a great benefit to me that big businesses should get more protections and tax breaks, after all these corporate pillars of America are turning around and creating more and more economic opportunities for...oops...Indians, Chinese...and ultra-rich Americans.

Nothing personal, but supporting the neocons doesn't make you one. All these fine supporters are not the ones reaping the benefits. They're just buying into the pyramid scheme.

So, if the goal is to get a couple bucks back at tax time and call that a great day, then you're at least on the right train. Can I suggest you invest that $300 bucks in Haliburton stock...

If your goal is to have a bit of economic security, then I'm afraid that train has been put in storage.

How's your medical coverage? Maybe you're in the lucky minority who gets coverage through work. Or maybe, like me, you're hosed. The coverage I can afford won't do me a bit of good unless I'm well and truly fucked. Anything short of that and I'm well and truly fucked.

How's your retirement plan? Maybe you were smart and bought some Halliburton before the first election. Then I can understand not really caring about saving Social Security.

Do I want the government to do it for me? Not at all.

I want the government to keep big companies from screwing me...my ass is sore from it all.

I want the government to create a fair environment for me and then stay the fuck out of my life. I'll go to church if I want, or I'll just stay home and surf internet porn. It's none of their business which.

I want the government to stop trying to jam religion down people's throats.

I want the government to balance the fucking budget not come back from recess to debate whether to subvert the court system to keep a vegetable on life support.

I want a president with the balls to at least meet the families of the men he's sent to be killed. What kind of pussy is this guy?

I want a president that doesn't support torture and terrorism while saying he's fighting it.

We're the greatest fucking country on the planet, and I damn well want us to act like it instead being a bunch of punk-ass bitches like the coward in the White House.

Anyway, you keep banging the gong of support for the chimp and his brand of democracy. Maybe if people don't agree you can just beat it into them. Or better yet, stick 'em on a plane and let the Poles, Romanians, and Syrians beat it into them.

And, of course I know it's all in fun... you don't really think you could out debate me, do you? I'm way lots smarter than you and stuff...

You should call me before you run off and move to Shorewood or Whitefolks Bay, or something...


p.s. - By 'she is however on the right side of the fence...' do you mean that she's not gay? Just askin'...