Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Proud to be an American?

Does this make anyone proud to be an American? Maybe it does and I missed the memo about how to be a true patriot.

So, just who are the terrorists? We're fighting a 'war on terror' - but guess what, we're the ones resorting to terror.

And does it seem just a bit disingenuous that an administration that will reveal the identity of a CIA operative for political gain in one breath, will refuse to comment on whether or not they're operating secret interrogation facilities around the world because they don't want to jeapordize CIA operations?

Oh yeah...makes me proud. Think I'll go roast some babies or something.


Shelly said...

Don't believe everything you read hun!! I'm always a little skeptical. and i'm still proud to be an American. although since all i do is study i'm not really up on my current events!! hahahah ;)

The Zombieslayer said...

I'm very proud to be an American, but then again critical of some of our foreign policies. I don't like anything being secret, especially when it's funded by you and me. That's what happens when we give certain organizations a blank check.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about this administration surprises me anymore. I am NOT proud to be a Bush American. An American, yeah, sure, whatever. But not a subject of that arsehole.

Slade said...

WWII all over again?
damn, that story just sounds like these are concentration camps or something!