Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm not even making it up

Here's a something for you Gregg... First off, Ghengis Khan was a filthy mess indeed. I thought of packing it in and heading back for a drink - or twenty - more than once.

Then, to make my night complete, on the freeway on the way to the Falls, I pull out my phone to see what kind of reception I was getting. Dave, the genius with me, gives me a typical 'huh?' look. I tell him I was curious what kind of reception I was getting because I needed to call my friend's parents in Germany and the night before I had crappy reception when I tried.

What followed nearly killed me. He's a nice kid and all, but sometimes I wonder.

"You're gonna call all the way to Germany with that?"

"Um, yeah..."

"Your phone can call that far?"

"What? Yeah."

"We're talking about the same Germany right? The one across the ocean?"

"Uh huh..."

"How can your signal be strong enough to go that far?"

You just can't make this shit up. And he's old enough to vote. Great...

For those of you that are worried that maybe I shirked my teaching duties, worry no more. I explained that all the little cel phones talk to the big cel phone towers and the towers can talk to each other and even know how to talk to regular phones.


tshsmom said...

I'd suppose that explaining satellite TV to him would be out of the question. ;)

Gregg said...

Well, I did miss ya, but I think I covered your share of libations as well. Funny work story, had a prep cook that for all intent and purpose was a glorified dishdog, could make dressing, juice oranges etc. Was making soup & in the weeds one day so asked him to dice up the trinity ( onion, celery, carrot), lay out how much he needs of each veggie and leave him to it. Come back about 15 min. later to see how it is coming along, to discover him peeling, with a potatoe peeler, THE CELERY!? He probibly works for Emeril now. Anyhow, not sure how that relates to your story, but it popped into my head. Maybe you could do a post on co-worker stupidity, I'd have one daily.

tshsmom said...

Me too Gregg!
At least you don't have the boss' son boinking the dishwasher story. ;)