Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Travis McGee

It's funny the stuff that is important at a certain moment. Looked at an old journal and found thoughts of an old girlfriend, tales from a high school reunion, all-night drunkeness at a Jimmy Buffett concert and a bunch of John McDonald quotes. I was on a big Travis McGee kick back then. Makes me want to pick up some of those old books and read them again.

I still like some of his down-to-earth observations wrapped neatly in pulp fiction of the highest caliber.

"The dividing line is communication, I think. A friend is someone to whom you can say any jackass thing that enters your mind. With acquaintances, you are forever aware of their slightly unreal image of you, and to keep them content, you edit yourself to fit." - Travis McGee, a character created by John McDonald.

And it's not just Travis spilling the pop philosophy. His sidekick Meyer is full of observations too. They're well known as Meyerisms.
"You never get a generous and delicious cocktail in a proper glass in a restaurant where the food is bad." - Meyer talking to Travis in 'Cinnamon Skin.'

Can't argue with that kind of logic. It works too.


K said...

I'm working on the self editing bit myself... It's true though. Friends are those that you can be truly authentic with.

PS - tried to comment on the other post, but blogger sucks and wouldn't let me. It was some brilliant shit too - about old soup cans and stuff. Alas... the moment has past.

Shawn said...

Oh man...your soup can comments are some of the most amazing things in the blogosphere. I miss all the good shit! Damn you Blogger!

tshsmom said...

I can't argue with those lines!

Laura said...

Sigh... you just made me realize how truly few people I never "edit" myself with... ah, the joys of aging, eh?