Thursday, March 30, 2006

This is your government...

I'm in an angry mood today. Click away if you don't want to join in.

This is an example of your government in action. What will you do about it? Nothing personal...but, if the answer is 'nothing' maybe you should ask yourself why.

I'm doing my Dharma damn best to find compassion for my enemies, but some people make that really hard.


Laura said...

How do you "lose" 23billion dollars? Seriously, it's not like you accidentally left it in your pants when you went to the laundromat. Someone did this intentionally and should be held accountable. Isn't this covered in the Geneva Conventions? Oh, yeah... the US refuses to participate in the ICC. Sigh. Now the real question - what can we do other than talk about it? Cuz lately, that just doesn't seem like enough.

Shawn said...

Well, it's the military...23 billion dollars is just the change that falls out of their pockets when they're busy losing real money.

There's a growing number of people that feel there's real incompetence at the Department of Defense, particularly at the top. Not a big surprise considering Donald 'Hee Hee Yup Mr. Nixon Them Niggers Aint None Too Smart' Rumsfeld is at the helm. But that's a whole other story.

gregg said...

Agreed, grievious and malicious mishandling of money. Hopefully responsible parties will be exposed and brought to justice. In America chances are most (not all) will. Not to justify these actions at all, but another swept under the carpet misappropriation of funds that should bother you is the U.N. oil for food program. Could help to explain why some countries were more than reluctant to engage in this conflict when it started.

Shawn said...

It makes me wonder which is worse - people pillaging funds or a beauracracy that is so incompetent that it allows it to happen wholesale.

I used to like Rumsfeld. He always seemed on top of things when he spoke. Sometimes a bit snippy and partisan, but he always seemed on the ball. The more I read and see as scandal after scandal unfolds, the more I realize that he and Cheney may be the ultimate Brownies in the administration.

Not to ignore the Oil for Money In My Pocket...ummm...I mean Food scandal, but I just want my house to be clean first. That's all I've got the energy for.