Friday, March 17, 2006's just me

Do you remember where you were when the Trade Center towers were hit by hijacked airplanes? I do. I remember the shock of seeing it on television. My television stayed on for a week solid before I finally had to turn it off.

I remember the fear that was in the air too. Was something else going to happen? Were we too wide open and inviting for terrorists to pass up? I had fears and doubts myself, but I wasn't going to stayed locked in my house because terrorists might attack the United States again. I took a plane to Europe two months after the attacks and never felt more than a twinge of anxiety.

Does that make me brave? Not really. The simple facts were that it was pretty unlikely that the plane I was on would be hijacked. It's still a long, long shot.

Many people didn't feel that way though. The concern was tangible. You could feel it in the air, hear it in conversations, and see it in the less crowded airports. People then were willing to trade some freedoms to feel safer. Longer lines and security checkpoints were a small price to pay for increased security. They still are...

Unless, there isn't increased security.

Just a thought, but if I'm going to be taking my shoes off and getting patted down, then I would like the security boobs to at least be able to detect things like bombs and bomb-making supplies.

If you want to pretend you're safer when you board an airplane now, then don't read this article. If you're wondering how well all those millions of dollars are being spent, then read on McDuff...


Laura said...

Yeah, we went on a trip in October 2001 and I had no qualms getting on the plane. My sister was pissed that they threw away her tweezers though... imagine hijacking a plane with tweezers!

Our building was evacuated that day - since it was one of the tallest skyscrapers in Chicago - I remember saying to myself - "they realllly gonna get this building and not the Sears Tower??? come on guys?"

jurgen nation said...

But Shawn, stopping improvised bombs is "priority number one for TSA." And they regularly blow up planes, so they know what it takes to bring one down.


Shawn, you're either with us or against us.

jurgen nation said...

Er...just in case: the above is meant to be sarcasm.