Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Finally...now I sort of get it

This has been the year of the geek for me. I've been trying to learn all things computer and there's a lot to learn.

One problem I have that adds to the learning curve is my short attention span. So, the oher day I decided that if I was to get anywhere with this learnin' thing, I would need to just pick one thing to work on during any given day. Easier said than done, but I did manage to put the new guidline into play a bit.

The outcome? I finally get Adobe Illustrator... a little. I know it's not much of a big deal to most people, but I've stared at this beast and have tried to learn it off and on for several years. Photoshop... not a problem. Quark Express... piece of cake. Illustrator... I don't have an effin clue. Well, I finally started to get it and it sort of makes sense.

Anyway, here's the fruit of the efforts so far... in all its rough draft glory. Obviously not done, but that wasn't really the point anyway. I just wanted to learn this bastard of a program so I could sit down and actually use it.

Anyway, I sometimes forget how much I like to learn stuff. Am I alone on this one?

I'm also pretty lucky because I can usually figure things out on my own and sort of prefer to do it that way. That's great now, but it really sucked back when I was in school because I always got bored.

Have you guys learned anything new lately? Do you like learning new stuff, or would you rather not have to? Just wondering...


The Zombieslayer said...

That's pretty good, actually. You know what computer programs I like for art? Well, whatever they use on Digital
is pretty cool.

As for short attention spans, that's what computers are for, for people with short attention spans.

By the way, when I get rich, I'll buy you a linux box so you could play around with The Gimp. Not sure if they have it for Windoze. I'm sure they have it for Mac now that Mac has gone Unix.

Shawn said...

Wow, thanks for the link. I went, I saw, I bookmarked! They're using some pretty cool 3D programs...I had to step away from those. Eventually I want to learn some of that too.

I've used The Gimp. They have it for Winblows which is the one I tried first. It's a good program and free... God I love free stuff! But I've got Photoshop on my computer, so I just use that. I've got The Gimp on my Linux box, which I'll be using come the Zombie plaque. So, no need to send me a Linus setup -- I will gladly accept any extra shells or grenades you might have lying about your compound though.

If you want to try playing with 3D, you should check out Blender. It's another freebie that is supposed to be pretty good. I just stare dumbly at the screen though, so that will be another growing experience that will have to wait.

Miranda said...

The Gimp is great, but it takes some getting used to. *Laugh* Unfortunately for me, it requires some artistic talent.

Laura said...

That's very good. John used to do pre-press operations for a printshop (fixing graphic designer's mistakes and touching up) and was a whiz at Illustrator. He still keeps up a little. I've tried - it is much harder than Photoshop or Quark - by far.

I love learning new things, but yes I have a short attention span sometimes. I learn by doing or watching - I can't learn from a how-to book. So I just plunk down and start playing. "What happens when I do this?"

tshsmom said...

Acquiring new knowledge is always cool. Learning new skills is another thing. If it's a relaxing skill like knitting, then it's fun. If it's a 'we HAVE to learn how to do this because it needs fixing' skill, like replacing the guts in a toilet; it BITES!

Melissa said...

I love learning new stuff...Which is why most jobs suck. They are only interested in one or two of a person's myriad skills (generally ones you come pre-loaded with)...and then they want you to continue to do that single thing over and over again.

This is your brain...This is your brain on an assembly line.

Maybe this is just my own feeble experience, being that I work for the man...and everyone knows the man does not respect creativity,growth, or change. The man fears change like Garth in the original Wayne's World.

Can you tell that it is time for me to switch jobs? Opps! Sorry I ranted all over your comment page.

Shawn said...

L - I'm pretty much the figure it out myself type too. I use books more for clues than as maps on how to do stuff.

Tshsmom - Replacing guts is only cool if you're a doctor. When it comes to stuff like that, I would rather just call somebody to do it...

Mel - Do you get to wear one of those sweet, green uniforms and hang out with Smokie all the time? I heard Smokie is a prima donna. You're so right about the work thing. It's sad how people get pigeon holed (or cubicled I suppose) and don't ever really get to grow much. And, by the way, you can rant any time - I don't mind.