Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Watch your gas

I was working was I doing great! The bell was dinging and I was playing the hell out of the machine. I watched the score climbing...and climbing...and climbing... I leaned left, then right, riding the wave of excitement. People were lining up behind me. They wanted some of what I was getting.

That's right bitches...people pay big money for this shit...

Could this be it? Was it a new high score?

Holy crap! Yes!!! Yes!!!

That was before I remembered it was a gas pump, not a video game. Damn.


It's truly amazing to watch the price of a gallon of gas jump 30 cents one day and another 35 cents the next. Must be Clinton's fault...


In an amazing show of leadership, the Prez is thinking about maybe, possibly, could be releasing some oil from the country's strategic reserves. Not to help ease the sharply rising gas costs mind you, but to help the refineries hit by the huricane. Huh?

Yeah, that's, me, and the guy down the street can take our lumps, but those poor, poor, multi-billion dollar oil companies are hurting and they could use a little lovin'.


Miranda said...

Strangely enough, though, oil is still cheaper than dirt - and aquafina. Besides, oil prices won't hurt anyone on the left. The rich leftists are walking, baking and using cars the run on hydrogen to save the environment out of the goodness of their hearts. The poor ones can't afford cars, because of the nasty Republicans.

Shawn said...

Actually...the Righties are doing the baking. I think it takes them back to the good old days when men worked and women raised kids. Oh and everyone cut their lawns, no one beat their wives or kids, and haircuts were two bits and boys got them once a week.

Republicans would love to do things out of the goodness of their hearts, but first they would have to borrow some from the Lefties...

Obviously, you have very expensive dirt out there in California. Dirt is really cheap here...gas not so much cheap and today I saw two stations with signs saying they were out of gas...

If I had a car that ran on hydrogen, I would put lasers on it. That would be sweet...

Miranda said...
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Miranda said...

Ack! Biking, not baking! It's late. But yes, yes we ARE baking. Even at one in the morning! *Passes you a snickerdoodle* Oh,
wait! *Snatches it back and passes you some tofu instead* I'm sure it tastes just as good!

We _can't_ borrow hearts from the liberals. Theirs bleed, and we can't let that sort of mess spill into our cookies.

How much do you pay in Wisconsin for the equivalent of a gallon?

EVERYTHING is expensive in California, but Republicans can hardly be blamed for that - at least not Republican leaders, since they rarely have control
over the state. And Arnold doesn't count :P He's a Kennedy.

If I had a hydrogen powered car, I'd want a hydrogen powered chauffeur to go with it! But lasers
would be cool too.

Shawn said...

We went from a leisurely $2.69 to a rather annoying $2.99 to a I just pulled into the prison shower by a big guy named Bubba $3.35 in two days.

But you're probably right. What could a politician from Texas have to do with policies that lead to high prices at the pump? Silly me...

Just one snickerdoodle wouldn't hurt would it?

Laura said...

Gas prices here are still less than they are in Europe though... I say higher gas prices aren't such a bad thing. Maybe people will get out a walk more. Ride a bike. Get more efficient cars. Force the gas/car companies into better energy conservation policies? Some good can come of it in the long run. Thank gods I walk everwhere. Problem is, a lot of our suburban sprawl has been built around the automobile - no sidewalks, no public transit - so you have to drive everywhere. We set ourselves up for this.

Laura said...

oh, and as far as the bottled water & dirt - I know you're making a point on the value of things, but people have the option to drink tap water - granted it's not free, but it's dirt cheap. Wait, that expression can't exist anymore if dirt is more expensive than gas ;-)

Miranda said...


*Passes you a snickerdoodle* Have
as many as you like. I'm a battle protestor!

I actually meant "How much do you pay for a gallon of dirt?" But
it's interesting to compare prices all the same.

Out of curiousity, what policies
do you think should be changed to fix the problem?

I mean, seriously, if y'all would have just let us go to war for oil in the first place, we might not be having this discussion! If you object to a war against OPEC, I'll have no pity for you at all!

*laugh* True enough, although
people can also choose to walk
to many of the destinations they
don't walk to.