Friday, August 26, 2005

The Waiter and Former Intern Andy (who may have superhuman powers)

Man, I love The Waiter... In his latest post, he was tipped in porn. Sometimes his kind of humour is just what the doctor ordered.

And Josh, you should check this one out. In his latest post, Former Intern Andy makes a pretty good argument for why The Flash kicks ass... I'm not even a fan of the fast guy, but I was pretty convinced.


tshsmom said...

As a waittress, I can verify that Waitterant is the BEST!! He's my personal pressure relief valve.

Miranda said...

Waitterant is the sort of guy who laughs instead of moaning while he gets his teeth pulled. What's even
more impressive is that he can make the rest of us laugh at extraction as well :P

Slade said...

The waiter's story was great! He has the most comments I've ever seen on someone's blog (77)!

The Zombieslayer said...

What's wrong with that guy? $100 is a lot for a porn shop. Why did he give that away? Dumb waiter.

As for the Flash, I used to read him back in the 70s. Stopped getting into comics when I started spending all my loose change on records when I got a little older. Forgot all about the Flash, Green Lantern, and all those other guys I used to read. But that's still a super power that won't impress me.

I'd rather be able to change form. It would be of more use than super speed.

Shawn said...

I'm sort of with you on that ZS... going fast isn't that cool.

Although, I'm pretty sure that my middlest nephew has that super power...or he thinks he does. He does things, "Reary fast. Look. Reary fast." He also does things "Reary, reary fast" and "Super fast. See. See I'm reary fast." And apparently you must make a certain face and clench your fists - which sort of explains why I could never do it. He also used to be "Reary strong" but he doesn't use that one much anymore.

My only super power seems to be that I can spot a cute girl anywhere, including in large crowds of average people, at great distances and even directly behind me. It's not an easy burden to bear, but I do my best.

exMI said...

Waiterrant just got bookmarked. thanks for the addition to my already overloaded reading list......

Josh said...

Waiterrant hit just a little too close to home. I thought I'd safely supressed a lot of those memories, but apparently three months is not long enough.

That Flash post was awesome. He has the best lines in Justice League (which was better than the new Justice League Unlimited, which is still pretty good, though). I will paraphrase my favorite: He and the Green Lantern have encountered Grod, the evil intelligent gorilla, for the first time. Grod, who appears to be a normal gorilla, steals a motorcycle.

GL: That was weird.

Flash: We have a Martian's phone number in our speed dial and you think that was weird?