Monday, August 29, 2005

Battle lines drawn...

It's official...I've given up my pacifist beliefs. War is necessary and I've just declared it. That's right, the Battle of the Waistline had broken out here.

A long time ago, I decided that I would never buy a pair of pants that have a waist bigger than 34 inches. I've stuck to it too. Once that's been filled, that's it. No new pants till they fit into the 34s...32s are better.


Laura said...

You must share your battle plans. This war must be fought on many fronts. There is a common enemy.

Jason said...

I share that enemy and totally hear you on the 34 waist. What's our strategy?

Shawn said...

I have no real battle plans yet. My experts all seem to say something about reducing calories and exercising more, by which I think they mean something about not trying to subsist on Mountain Dew and Kit-Kat bars and also get more exercise than running to the refrigerator during commercials.

I hate experts.

Also, it occurred to me that my fight isn't going to be so much around the waist as with an increasingly large Milwaukee Muscle (aka B.O.B., aka Big Ol' Belly).

tshsmom said...

Face it Shawn, you have the furniture disease; your chest has sunk to your drawers!
Gravity isn't doing me any favors either.

kris said...

Good for you! I hear ya. This is more difficult than kicking the smoking thing, I think.

The Zombieslayer said...

walk after each meal. Don't eat for several hours before you go to sleep. And if you go to the bathroom and can't see your you know what because your gut's in the way, then you know you've completely lost the battle.

Miranda said...

Just don't draft my guy! He's not allowed to be too skinny.

Jason said...

Miranda, if only more women were like you, we'd all, well, eat more junk and stay on the couch. But we'd love you for it.

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