Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy long weekend...

This whole long weekend thing is a great idea... I think we should have more.

Oh yeah, I should also have a bunch of money. Did that sound shallow? I think maybe it did... What I meant is that I should have a ton of money and total enlightenment. There, that's better.
What would I do with a ton of money though? I'm not entirely sure. I know a few things I would want right away.

I would buy a small house. It would probably be old and quirky, but fairly cool. I would also be willing to buy a loft instead. Either way it should have lots of wall space for artwork and African masks.

A car... definately could use a newer car. I don't know if I would go with brand new though, even if I was loaded. Maybe I should have two. A convertible and something like a Jeep for getting dirty.

A stellar trip. I haven't been to Europe for a few years and would love to go back. Africa has always been a dream of mine, so that might trump a European excursion. I don't think I want to do anything less than a couple of weeks though. A month might be good. Of course, that would only fuel the desire to live overseas somewhere.

I would also take care of my parents as best I could. They're not getting any younger as they say. I owe them so much and it hurts to know I don't have the finances to take care of them if anything should happen. Maybe everyone feels this way when their parents get old, but it's very scarey to me.

I think I would set up a small trust fund for each of my nephews too. Nothing too fancy... but the catch would be that they can only use them to travel. I think travelling is one of the best mind expanders there is. Hopefully, they wouldn't do any Hilton travelling either. I would love them to just go somewhere and then figure it out when they got there... cheap hotels and hostels, shopping at the markets and all the stuff that doesn't packaged in a tour...

Anyway... that's it off the top of my little brain. Now I'm spent... Have a great day.


Sassy said...

I would love to travel! I moved a lot as a child, but never just traveled for fun. That is the one thing I would love to do if I could.

The Zombieslayer said...

I love to see how people spend money if they had it. People who travel with it are usually fascinating people to engage in conversations. But you brought up something that I haven't heard in awhile and that's spending some quality time with your parents because they're getting old. That thought scares me too. I can relate.