Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It just wouldn't work...

My brother and I were driving along a back road today.

He turns to me and asks, "Why can't they have an Autobahn in the United States? At least between major cities?"

I was in a pissy mood so I just sort of grunted, "Dunno."

What I was thinking was, "Because Americans are retarded."

Seriously, just drive on any freeway for about fifteen minutes and tell me if you think that people are really any good at this driving thing.

Just for the record, I would love to have an Autobahn-type freeway. It's fun to drive fast... Whoah... I must still be in a pissy mood because I almost added that it would also help to cull the herd.


Laurie said...

I completely agree...Americans completely lack the understanding of such concepts as: The Fast Lane; Getting Out of Someone's Way in the Fast Lane; Sticking to Surface Streets if Don't Want To Go Over 55; It's the Slow Drivers Who Reall Cause the Accidents.

The Zombieslayer said...

I'll tell you why. It's because they give out licenses waaaay too easily here in America.
Anyone could get one. Let's make driver's licenses harder to get by actually having to drive in order to get one.
Add a few more tests. Can you handle a skid? Can you drive in snow? In rain?
And lastly, anyone who drives the speed limit in the fast lane should automatically lose their license.