Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I was tagged by Joanne who hit and ran off to New York for a vacation.

Here are my answers:

Total volume of music files on my computer?

  • 5.8 Gigs That would be higher, but I'm far too lazy to ever finish ripping my CDs to my computer.

The last CD I bought was:
  • I'm not actually sure, but it might have been the 'Garden State' soundtrack. Other possibilities are Preston School of Industry - 'Monsoon', or The Clash - 'From Here to Eternity - Live'.

Song playing right now:
  • Actually, nothing right now. The last song I played was Fiona Apple - 'Red, Red, Red'. My friend Eileen laid down a challenge to find this unreleased Fiona Apple album and this is the second song on that album.

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):
  • U2 - 'Where the Streets Have No Name' It just reminds me of being a high school kid in LA. To me U2 is high school and college and watching MTV. They're the good times...

  • Marxmen - 'All About Eve' This isn't a happy one, but it's very good. It talks about a woman they knew who was abused and how they couldn't get her out of the relationship.

  • Aerosmith - 'Girls of Summer' C'mon, it's got lyrics like, "When all you think about all day long, is a pretty face inside a song, with a thought like that you can't go wrong..." and "My favorite thing that drives me wild, is when a city girl walks a country mile for the boy she loves, God bless the child inside the girls of summer..."

  • Modern English - 'Melt With You' This one sort of defines a certain generation. It sometimes makes me feel good... other times, it makes me a bit nostalgic.

  • Peter Gabriel - 'In Your Eyes' Ferris Bueller might have gotten all the play... but every guy I know wanted to be Lloyd Dobler and every girl wanted their guy to be like Lloyd. Who wasn't touched when he stood outside her window with his boom box held high?


Sassy said...

Hey, you have very eclectic and interesting taste in music. I haven't forgotten about ya. Just lurking lately. Been tied up...well...not literally ;)

Laurie said...

You found the Fiona Apple CD? I'm so totally jealous! Is it good? :) (Just so you know, I'm so not being facetious...I love her.)

Sadie Lou said...

I used to be into Fionna Apple, but it's pretty moody, angst riddled music and I just can't relate anymore--it was great for highschool though! Maybe she's morphed or got a boyfriend that actually loves her and her music is different now, who knows.
Good song choices!

joanne said...

Hey, I am still in NY, but I got to log in on my sister's computer and read your responses! In Your Eyes, huh? A lot of people love that song. It rocks.

Shawn said...

Let me start by saying that lurking is good Sassmaster... Did you ever notice that the difference between stalking and being romantic depends on whether you like the person doing it? Weird how that works.

I hope you like it Laurie. I'm still undecided. I guess I like parts of it. My friend Eileen pretty much agrees with Sadie about Fiona being a tad angst riddled. I suppose I still like a splash of angst.

I'm not sure if the that song would mean as much to me if it wasn't for the movie Jo-Anne. I just can't hear it without thinking of that scene... talk about angst... Lloyd Dobbler is still my hero.