Friday, May 06, 2005

Oddly enough...

Ummm... oddly enough, my little website has taken firm control of the top search engine slot for a Yahoo search 'toasts to getting pussy'. Not exactly the effect I was shooting for, but I'll take what I can get.

By the way, I know this from my site log file. It records, among other things, how people get to the site. This isn't something I found by searching myself -- although there would be a certain amount of humor to that.

Anyway, I feel bad for the guy (I assume it was a guy... but I could be wrong). He innocently -- perhaps even hopefully -- goes to Yahoo, types in 'toasts to getting pussy' and hits enter. Then - Oh Happy Day! -- there are a bunch of possibilities. He tries the first one and imagine his disappointment when he finds not a 'toast to getting pussy', but a short story about Daniel Ortega being called a pussy. It had to be a letdown...

So... to whoever you are -- I'm truly sorry that you didn't find what you were looking for. Just so you know that I'm not heartless and uncaring, I am posting a personal favorite 'toast to getting pussy' that might fit the bill for you:

"To Space...

When God made Adam,
He made him out of string.
He had a little extra,
So he left a little thing.

When God made Eve,
He made her out of lace.
He didn't have enough,
So he left a little space.

Here's to space..."

In case you were wondering -- if you Google the same phrase you get a bit different result. Not that I looked...

For anyone wanting to read the short story at the heart of all this confusion, click here.


Jaymie said...

I love sandwiches! I want someone to make me one!!!!!!
Ham and Cheese on a Cheese Bun, with tomatos, lettuce, cucumber, sprouts, pickles, mayo, and mustard! MMMMMMM!!!
btw: I am still bored, my boredom will not subside! I am one of those people that always has to be doing something!

Shawn said...

Hi Jaymie... I've decided that you have a pregnant preoccupation with food items!

To help ease your boredom, I have decided to allow you to knit me a sweater. Nothing too elaborate. No crazy colors. I will leave the design to your imagination... I love sweaters!

Also... I won't be offended if you decide you're not that bored!